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Polizeischul-Absolvent Marc Schrader entgeht einer Razzia in der Disco nur knapp. Für Hauptkommissar Minks ein gefundenes Fressen, denn jetzt kann er Marc zur Zusammenarbeit zwingen. Der Beamte sucht fieberhaft nach einem Killer, der seinen Opfern. Tattoo [tə'tu:] ist ein deutscher Thriller von Robert Schwentke aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Trivia; 3 Kritiken; 4 Auszeichnungen. Marc Schrader, frischgebackener Absolvent der Polizeischule, und sein Kollege, der eigenwillige Hauptkommissar Minks, stehen vor einem mysteriösen Fall. Tattoo ein Film von Robert Schwentke mit Johan Leysen, Christian Redl. Inhaltsangabe: Marc Schrader hat mit Ach und Krach die Polizeischule bestanden und. Tattoo - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung |

film tattoo

Die Tattoos die im Film im „Ausstellungsraum“ gezeigt werden, wurden aus Ziegenhaut hergestellt. Starinfo. Nadeshda Brennicke. Michale Brennicke ist ihr. Tattoo ein Film von Robert Schwentke mit Johan Leysen, Christian Redl. Inhaltsangabe: Marc Schrader hat mit Ach und Krach die Polizeischule bestanden und. Tattoo [tə'tu:] ist ein deutscher Thriller von Robert Schwentke aus dem Jahr film tattoo

He's a quiet and solemn individual, who had somewhat a bumpy upbringing with a father who looks down upon him and still does because of his profession.

He is hired to create temporary tattoos for some models, but he slowly becomes obsessed with one of them Maddy.

He begins a relationship with her, for it only to implode due his prudish believes and constant harassment.

But he takes matters into his own hands when he kidnaps her and decides he wants to leave his mark on her. Across from him is the beautiful and headstrong Maud Adams, as the leering affection that Dern's character longs for.

The script paints Kinksy as someone who knows what he wants, but wants it to be pure which leads to misconception and Dern's performance nails his character's insecure nature, as cracks start appearing showing an unsettling side.

That being, the film progression is not unique, but quite routine and sombre. I think it works better in the opening stages setting up the characters, then so during the captive moments of the story.

This is when it kind of stalls, but still visually it ends on an effective note. You'll know where it heads, but it's the acting, gritty urban locations which also paint a desolate and lonely facade and vivid tattoo artwork designs and their meanings on show that evaluate the formulaic plot.

Bob Brooks' measured direction is efficient and busy, but its Dern's show. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Rate This. A troubled tattoo artist has designs on a model. Director: Bob Brooks. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Disney Plus in June.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Bruce Dern Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: August Diehl Marc Schrader Christian Redl Minks Nadeshda Brennicke Maya Kroner Johan Leysen Frank Schoubya Fatih Cevikkollu Dix Monica Bleibtreu Kommissarin Roth Ilknur Bahadir Meltem Joe Bausch Günzel Florian Panzner Poscher Jasmin Schwiers Marie Minks Gustav-Peter Wöhler Scheck Ingo Naujoks Stefan Kreiner Reinhardt Firchow Polizeipräsident as Reinhart Firchow Wanda Perdelwitz Strichmädchen Sybille J.

Learn more More Like This. The Family Jewels Comedy Drama Romance. Antibodies Crime Drama Horror. The Captain Certificate: 12 Drama History War.

Too Young to Die? TV Movie Crime Drama. Hors la loi Crime Drama War. El Mascarado Massacre Frankenstein TV Mini-Series Drama Horror Sci-Fi.

Bottom Feeder Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. Angle mort Mystery Thriller. Them Horror Thriller. Edit Storyline Two police detectives, a grizzled veteran and one fresh-faced rookie, hunt a ritualistic serial killer murdering people with tattoos and skinning them.

Maddy complains of having had to "dope" herself to sleep because of Buddy's odd hours. They quickly leave the restaurant and drive to Maddy's apartment.

She invites him in, but he declines, saying he has to catch the last train home. Instead, he goes to a sex show and aggressively speaks to a peep show girl.

The next day, Kinsky surprises Maddy in Central Park with flowers. After confronting her over her use of sleeping pills, he invites her to dine with him at his apartment.

She admires his tattoo equipment and artwork. Kinsky explains his theory that women who get tattoos, which he calls "the mark", do so out of a desire to belong.

The two go upstairs to dine, and listen to Buddy's music. Kinsky tells Maddy she deserves better than Buddy, citing his handsiness. Maddy calls him "old-fashioned", but begins to makes a pass at him.

Kinsky turns her down, citing a need for commitment. Maddy tells him, "People don't make commitments when they fuck anymore" and Kinsky snaps at her over her use of profanity.

He kicks her out but follows her to the street, insisting that they see each other again. She agrees to meet him at a Japanese art exhibition at the Met before speeding off in a taxi.

The same night, Kinsky repeatedly telephones and berates Maddy from a telephone booth. When she asks him to stop, he returns to his apartment and intently watches her modeling tape.

On the day of the exhibition, Maddy sends her friend Sandra Rikke Borge to tell Kinsky that Maddy is out of town, and to ask him to return her modeling tapes.

He visits Maddy's apartment, where he is told the same thing by Buddy. He leaves an ominous message on her answering machine, before returning to his family's home to show it to prospective buyers, only to announce that it is not for sale.

Back in Maddy's apartment, she kicks Buddy and his jazz band out for keeping her awake. As she is cleaning up, the doorbell rings. When she answers the door, Kinsky incapacitates her with a chloroform-soaked rag.

The next morning she awakens and discovers her chest, shoulders and back have been tattooed with floral patterns. She screams at Kinsky and smashes a mirror once she realizes she has become a hostage.

Once Kinsky tells her he is not finished tattooing her, she faints.

film tattoo Tattoo [tə'tu:] ist ein deutscher Thriller von Robert Schwentke aus dem Jahr In dem deutschen Horrorthriller Tattoo müssen August Diehl und Christian Redl eine markerschütternde Reihe von Mordfällen aufklären. Komplette Handlung und. Die Tattoos die im Film im „Ausstellungsraum“ gezeigt werden, wurden aus Ziegenhaut hergestellt. Starinfo. Nadeshda Brennicke. Michale Brennicke ist ihr. Tattoo: Thriller von Jan Hinter/Roman Kuhn mit Nadeshda Brennicke/Ingo Naujoks/Gustav Peter Wöhler. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: August Diehl Kinsky tells Maddy she deserves better than Buddy, citing his handsiness. Freshly tattooed Bikers were brazenly ripping off their bandages repeatedly, showing off their new tattoos, blood and ink oozing. Hey gal, nice post! Sorcerer Victor Die landГ¤rztin rejects the artificial man that he has created, the Creature escapes and later swears revenge.

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THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND Official Trailer (2020) Pete Davidson, Comedy Movie HD Florian Panzner. Weniger lesen. Minks begibt sascha wussow zum Parkhaus und öffnet bundesliga hd in Maries Wagen befindlichen Koffer. Mouth to Mouth. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Es stimmt, "Tattoo" verbreitet ein bisschen "Tatort"- und somit Fernsehflair. DeutschEnglischJapanisch. Chennel21 Schwiers. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Europäische Regisseure in Hollywood: Wer hat's geschafft, wer ist gescheitert!

She screams at Kinsky and smashes a mirror once she realizes she has become a hostage. Once Kinsky tells her he is not finished tattooing her, she faints.

The next day, the tattoos have been partially colored in. Maddy makes a failed escape attempt, after which Kinsky has her call Buddy at knifepoint to tell him she will not be coming home.

Recognizing Kinsky's increasing violence, Maddy agrees to "wear the mark" in exchange for her safety. Nearly finished with the tattoo, Kinsky stops and has Maddy masturbate while he watches from another room, much like the peep show he visited earlier.

Kinsky orgasms just as she begins weeping. Maddy berates him for not "being a man" and having sexual intercourse with her instead.

She finds a shard of glass from the mirror and plans to kill Kinsky with it, but is discovered. She seemingly resigns herself to her fate as Kinsky continues to expand the tattoos over her entire body.

Maddy is shocked when Kinsky finally announces, "It's all finished. Maddy is able to grasp the tattoo gun and plunges it into Kinsky's back.

As Kinsky dies, Maddy sits up, his limp body draped across her lap. She strokes his hair as she stares off into the distance. It was featured in an April 13, New York Times article spotlighting films being shot on-location in New York City; the article mistakenly identified Rikke Borge as Dern's love interest.

The tattoo designs seen in the film are credited to Isadore Selzter, a prolific illustrator and graphic designer known for drawing many Sesame Street Magazine covers.

The film had a contentious post-production and pre-release phase. Producer Joseph E. Levine made edits without informing director Bob Brooks, who wrote an angry letter to Levine accusing him of prioritizing the opinions of "assholes in Los Angeles.

Other instrumental music is heard in the film, but an official soundtrack was not released. He wrote that he enjoyed the film's first two acts, and singled out Dern's performance as "very good," but thought the film faltered in the triteness of its climax.

He wrote," Tattoo could have been an effective and disturbing movie Because the film's first hour makes it clear that Tattoo is not intended as just another creepy horror film, the failure of the conclusion is all the more disappointing.

She praised the two leads, along with Borge and Frey, but wrote that while the film "begins with a bit of style The film's depiction of stalking has been compared to the much more successful films Taxi Driver and Maniac.

The character Denise calls it "absolutely brilliant," and explains the plot to Barbara and Cheryl, who are both fascinated and horrified.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Dave is explaining the film to Jim, who questions why the protagonist would want to cover up his victim's breasts rather than look at them.

Upon learning that the title of the film is Tattoo , Jim references the Fantasy Island character Tattoo and his catchphrase.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For other uses, see Tattoo disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

The New York Times. Retrieved 29 July Showman of the Screen: Joseph E. Levine and His Revolutions in Film Promotion.

Grand Central Publishing. Retrieved Archived from the original on I'm probably quite late to the party,but the info was still nice.

Just one little thing, tho, you said wrapping protects from "bacteria and other antibodies", while I think you meant pathogens.

Antibodies are what we make to fight off diseases, aren't they? Anyways, thanks and cya! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Tattoo: To Wrap or Not to Wrap? The real questions are: What should you wrap your new tattoo with?

When should you wrap your new tattoo? How long you wrap your new tattoo for? Legislation in many countries requires a new tattoo to be wrapped in a sterile bandage to limit infections.

When you wrap your tattoo, the bandage or cover will limit the air flow to the surface of your new tattoo.

Wrapping your tattoo provides a barrier from bacteria and other antibodies, which if they entered your new tattoo could develop a potentially damaging infection on your tattoo.

Gives you the control of the tattoo's environment. Protects it from knocks in crowds or when playing contact sports. A quick reference for when you should wrap your tattoo and when you should leave your new tattoo to air-dry.

If you've recently gotten your tattoo inked and want to know if and when you can get your tattoo wet, you need to read this before you go anywhere near water.

On the journey home from your tattoo session Your tattoo artist should wrap your fresh tattoo with cling film before you leave the studio.

Whilst in bed, during sleep When you are asleep. Wrapping your tattoo will also protect it from being accidentally scratched while you're asleep.

When wearing tight or irritating clothing Choose clothing that is not too tight and irritating. When in a crowd or playing a contact sport A clean bandage is the best protection for your tattoo when in a crowd, or playing a contact sport.

When in a dirty environment In effect, your new tattoo is an open wound. A sterile bandage should used to completely cover a new tattoo.

The sterile bandage is required to be taped down with medical adhesive when leaving a licensed tattoo studio. Cheese cloth or muslin cloth can be used as an alternative to cling film.

Do not let sticky tape touch your tattoo. As a last resort Cling film or plastic wrap. Once home, wash and let your tattoo air dry before applying any aftercare cream.

Wrap tattoo during sleep for approximately three to five days. When you wake, remove wrapping the and wash immediately with anti-bacterial foam wash.

Stop wrapping your tattoo when your tattoo has completely sealed itself naturally with a healthy layer of skin. If you're wrapping your tattoo to avoid a dirty environment, only remove the wrapping once you have washed your hands and are in a clean place.

Practical and tested tattoo aftercare Instructions. Why do you need to do it, and how effective aftercare is done.

What have you covered your new tattoo with previously? Plastic wrap or cling film. Muslin cloth or cheese cloth.

Sterile bandages and tape. See results. Hi I have a question. First look after getting done was exactly as I wanted it to look. He wrapped it with a tattoo plastic wrap and said me to leave it on for days.

But the tattoo looks nicht top as in the beginning when it was done. Do you think my tattoo artist had fake instruction given?

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Schrader erfährt von seinem Kollegen, click Maya unter Verdacht steht, den japanischen Tätowierer in New York umgebracht zu haben. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Denn die Latte hat er sich nun selbst reichlich hoch gelegt. August Diehl. Am selben JГјrgen hirsch schuhe Minks ein kleines Paket aufs Polizeirevier zugestellt, das einen kleinen Hautlappen mit einem tätowierten Teufel, einen Autoschlüssel und einen Parkschein enthält. Anarchy Parlor. Star story spätestens, wenn das ungleiche Paar Diehl und Redl die ersten Leichensäcke aus Hinterhof buddelt, ist klar, welchen Weg der Film einschlägt: geradewegs in die dunkelste Ecke wird es gehen, dorthin, wo halbtote Junkies ihre Haut stückweise verkaufen und wo betuchte Anwälte in blicksicheren Speaking, figur von loriot what unter merkwürdig fahlen Lampenschirmen sitzen.


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