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Die beiden Polizisten Dave Starsky und Ken Hutchinson arbeiten zusammen als verdeckte Ermittler. Starsky ist genau das Gegenteil vom gebildeten und gesundheitsbewussten Hutch. Um in Verbrecherkreisen nicht aufzufallen, rasen sie mit einem extrem. Starsky & Hutch ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von 19produziert wurde. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Episoden und. Starsky & Hutch ist eine US-amerikanische Actionkomödie aus dem Jahr , basierend auf der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie aus den er Jahren. US-Actionserie von William Blinn („Starsky And Hutch“; –). Die gegensätzlichen Polizisten Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) und Ken Hutchinson . Starsky & Hutch - Season One - 5 Discs Die Hitserie () handelt von den smarten Undercover-Cops Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) und Ken "​Hutch".

starsky & hutch

Starsky & Hutch“ war in den Siebzigern Kult! Michael Glaser und David Soul wurden in den Titelrollen zu Stars. Doch was machen „Starsky & Hutch“ heute? Starsky & Hutch - The Complete Series - Seasons David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas, Bernie Hamilton, William Watson, Barry. Dave Starsky und Ken Hutchinson zählen in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie „​Starsky & Hutch“ zu den besten verdeckten Ermittlern im fiktiven >> MEHR. Dazu verhalf tv shield zuletzt auch die elegische Filmmusik von Martin Böttcher. Batman geb. Bitte arrow. Cursed — Die Auserwählte: Die ersten Bilder. Karfreitag Uhr 3sat Zum Trailer. OV-Trailer zum Horror "Relic". Die anderen 56 Folgen liefen also später im Privatfernsehen. Exklusiver Clip zum Drama "Suicide Tourist". Jahr e. Verbrechen auf der Lieblingsurlaubsinsel der Deutschen

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Starsky And Hutch (Documentary) - Kaufen Sie Starsky & Hutch - Season One günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details. Dave Starsky und Ken Hutchinson zählen in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie „​Starsky & Hutch“ zu den besten verdeckten Ermittlern im fiktiven >> MEHR. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Starsky & Hutch – Die komplette Serie (20 Discs (Standard-Box)) (DVDs)«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online. Starsky & Hutch - The Complete Series - Seasons David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas, Bernie Hamilton, William Watson, Barry. Starsky & Hutch“ war in den Siebzigern Kult! Michael Glaser und David Soul wurden in den Titelrollen zu Stars. Doch was machen „Starsky & Hutch“ heute? Die Zwischensequenzen sind im Stil der Superman-Comics gehalten. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Kevin allein zu Bundesliga 3 fuГџball Was Sie noch nicht über den Klassiker wussten. Fünf zuvor nicht ausgestrahlte Folgen zeigten Sat. Die komplette Serie 20 DVDs. Diesen Artikel versenden Produzent Dino de Laurentiis war nichts zu teuer, um das Megaspektakel zu stemmen. Die zehn Gebote Cecil B. Aller Ambitionen und toller Schauspieler zum Trotz erschöpft es sich in einem Zusammenschnitt prächtiger Bilder. Regie führte Todd Go here. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Die achte Folge der vierten Staffel Der Meisterdieb ist auf DVD nur mit englischem Originalton vorhanden, obwohl sie bereits mit deutscher Synchronisation ausgestrahlt wurde. Hutch fährt einen go here heruntergekommenen hellbraunen er Ford LTD. Deutscher Titel.

Nielsen Ratings. In , a rising concern in America about violence on TV, along with Glaser's own concerns about the level of violence in the series, forced the writers to reduce the violent "action" scenes, with more romantically and socially themed storylines, and play-up the "buddy-buddy" aspect of the show's leads even more.

At the same time, the lead actors—Glaser in particular—became jaded with the general theme; these and other factors contributed to the fading popularity of the series.

Glaser indicated several times that he wanted to get out of his contract and quit the series; he even sued the producers to force a release from his contract before the start of the third season.

It seemed that he would not be returning for filming, so to fill the presumed void, the character "Officer Linda Baylor" played by Roz Kelly was created, and a number of alternative scripts featuring her instead of Starsky were written whether the show's name would have remained the same is unknown.

Despite this major change in the tone of the show, with a lot of the violence ejected and more of a focus on the friendship of the two leads, viewership remained steady during the season.

In January , the show moved back to it original Wednesday night time slot of 10 p. Glaser again voiced his desires to leave during the fourth and final season.

It was intended that if Glaser was to quit, that the reformed Nick would take David's place on the police force and allow the series to avoid a title change.

However, the disgruntled Glaser decided to return yet again, to finish out the season. Although a fifth season was planned, increasing production costs, Glaser's persistent and oft-publicized desire to move on, and declining ratings, brought an end to the series.

The final episode, "Sweet Revenge" which has Starsky fighting for his life after being gunned down , originally had its co-lead dying in the early drafts.

In , the series aired on cable's El Rey Network on weekday mornings. Several episodes from the first two seasons can be viewed for free in Minisode and in regular format on Crackle.

The show has also been broadcast on Cozi TV. Stunt cars, camera cars, tow cars, dolly cars, and cars used for "beauty" shots varied in model year from to Ford Torinos , since the body style of the Gran Torino was unchanged.

Originally, Blinn was to have Starsky drive a Chevrolet Camaro convertible because he fondly remembered a green and white one that he owned.

Both cars had a role in the pilot movie, one being "Starsky's" car, and the other being a similar car which is mistaken for Starsky's car by the film's villains.

They each had body-side mouldings along with a black interior with vinyl bench seats. One of the pilot cars had the luxury remote-control chrome mirrors installed, while the other pilot car had the cheaper, entry-level manual chrome mirrors installed; in editing the film, Starsky and Hutch are shown to be driving around in each of the two cars at different times during the film.

The cars were also custom painted on top of the factory red paint color with the distinctive white "vector" stripe designed by Spelling-Goldberg's transportation coordinator George Grenier.

The rear ends were lifted by air shocks, and had Ansen Sprint 5-slot mag wheels added with larger rear tires. While the tires were mounted so that only the black wall side would show, thus hiding any unauthorized brand-name display, in one first-season episode "Kill Huggy Bear" , a close-up shot of the villain cutting the rear brake lines shows the letters on the inside-facing side of the tires to say Firestone.

It is reported that the original 2. Glaser took an immediate and long-lasting dislike to the car, which has not changed to this day.

According to Glaser in several early interviews, [ which? Secondly, the idea that two undercover cops would drive around in a car with such an outlandish appearance seemed ludicrous, and lastly, he does not like Ford products although in a picture that was printed in an issue of the National Enquirer , Glaser is shown on the side of a California freeway with a flat-tired Ford Explorer.

At the first viewing of the car with David Soul Hutch , Glaser remarked that the car looked like a "striped tomato. Glaser remarked to Soul that he hated the car and that he was "going to destroy that car Several scenes of Glaser driving the car show him smashing the front wheels into curbs as he slides the car around corners and such, but that may also be attributable to the fact that he is primarily an actor, not a trained stunt-driver.

He just was not interested; however, in , during the last day of filming a movie in Canada, the crew wanted a group picture of Glaser with a Starsky and Hutch Torino, so he agreed to sit in the driver's seat of a Limited Edition replica with the crew surrounding the car.

High performance engine sounds were dubbed over scenes during the show because California law forbade mechanically modifying the engines of new cars.

When the pilot was successful, Spelling-Goldberg ordered two new red Gran Torinos for the first season. These cars were powered by V8s VIN code "S" because extra power was going to be needed for additional stunt driving scenes.

These new cars for the first-season were factory ordered in the bright red color Ford paint code: 2B , which was a regular production color for Torinos.

Unlike the pilot-movie cars, the first-season Torinos had no body-side mouldings, but did have body-colored sport mirrors, and brocade cloth split-bench seats.

With the acquisition of the new cars, the producers took the opportunity to improve the design of the white stripe painted on the cars.

The original pilot-movie cars had the bottom horizontal edge of the stripe about an inch or so above the mid-body character line that ran along the car, which was apparently done so that the section of the stripe that passes above the front wheel opening would not be cut off by the wheel opening, but for the first-season cars, the bottom horizontal edge of the stripe was lowered until directly on the crease, which gave a more cohesive look to the design of the stripe.

The section of stripe that runs across the front wheel opening was gradually curved up and around the opening.

The stripe was also thicker on the roof section and whereas the front pointed section ended well behind the amber marker light on the pilot cars, the newer design had the point ending far ahead of it, on the front fascia piece.

These new cars also featured the complete bumper protection group option, which included horizontal black rub-strips on both bumpers that were not included on the pilot cars.

For the start of the second season, these were replaced by two Gran Torinos that had vinyl split-bench seats like the pilot episode cars.

The new cars were ordered under Ford's fleet program, which is what was required to get them painted in the previous year's Bright Red 2B , as Ford used a different shade of red for new standard-order Torinos by this point.

These newer cars can be identified by their silver sight shields bumper filler panels which Ford used on specially painted fleet-ordered cars.

They also had the luxury chrome mirrors like one of the pilot cars. Even though the body-colored sport mirrors were still a Torino option in , they could not be installed on a fleet-ordered specialty-painted car, as Ford had no provision for producing those mirrors in anything other than the regular production colors listed for that year; since the 2B bright red was a special fleet-ordered color for the '76 model year, the cars came equipped with the chrome mirrors.

The body-side mouldings were installed on these cars and the stripe was, unlike the pilot cars, integrated with the mouldings.

While these were the biggest, most powerful engines available from Ford at the time, even with dual exhaust, they were still somewhat underpowered at net horsepower.

A third car, owned by 20th Century Fox and Windsor powered, was used as the first backup to the Ford lease cars.

Over time, an unforeseen problem was discovered with the Torinos when they were used during stunt driving scenes. In sharp right-hand turns, Soul would sometimes slide accidentally across the vinyl bench into Glaser.

Although a potential safety hazard at the time, the problem was solved by replacing the front bench of the number two Torino with bucket seats at Glaser and Soul's request; Glaser said in , "It took us a year to get them to put bucket seats in it so David wouldn't slide all over the place whenever I took a corner.

The aggressive stunt driving required of the show resulted in many accidents and fender-benders for the Torinos. The time demands of a weekly production mandated quick body and paint repairs so the cars could get back to work as soon as possible, and many of the quick and often sloppy repairs are quite evident to eagle-eyed viewers of the show.

The front fenders seemed to have taken a lot of abuse, and the Gran Torino nameplates on the front fenders are missing in several episodes, as are the chrome wheelhouse moldings.

Towards the end of the four seasons of production, the Torinos were noticeably worse-for-wear, and close watchers of the later episodes will spot many dents and other damage on the cars as they appear in various episodes.

In particular, the driver's side quarter panel and tail-light area were seen to be smashed up in 4th-season episodes, and at least one of the cars was shown to have a dented and twisted front bumper along with some visible damage to the grille behind.

The very last appearance of the Torino on the series seems to show that the driver's door and window will not even close correctly, possibly due to the rigours and effects of the spirited stunt driving the car suffered over the years.

Glaser deliberately mistreated the cars during close-up stunt scenes when he drove this was admitted to in a letter he wrote to the owner of the 1 Torino; and in a first season DVD interview he said that he tried to "destroy" the cars and would often stop the car by hitting the front wheels against curbs, as well as coming into driveways at high speed and bumping into garbage dumpsters.

This was the only appearance of the Torino in the series, and many fans have speculated over its strange one-off appearance.

One theory is that it was merely an in-joke, with the Torino's former iconic car status now being taken over by the Dukes' Dodge Charger car " The General Lee ".

Barber Ford of Ventura, California. The first retail sale of Torino 1 was to a resident of Ojai, California ; he owned it for one year, then sold it in a private sale to an Air Force officer that owned it for 17 years.

Dezer sold Torino 1 in a private auction in January to a Texas collector; at the time, it was mostly unrestored and somewhat battered due to wear and tear from TV show filming and subsequent ownership.

It still had its original V8, interior, and paint; however, Mickey Thompson valve covers and a chrome air cleaner were added by the first owner after he purchased it from Barber Ford.

The Texas collector has since done a "sympathetic" frame-off restoration. During its life after Starsky and Hutch , 2 was wrecked and sold as salvage.

That is moronic. However, nothing was as moronic as the film. The cameo didn't last more than a minute and it was all unlaughable comedy. The original TV show was a mixture with actors who actually have talent and chemistry.

Stick to the original and don't waste a dime on renting the movie. Get the DVD collection. I have it and it is amazing. There is also a Starsky and Hutch game for 9.

It is so much fun, and it has the original huggy's voice for the narrator, Antonio Fargas. Sign In.

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Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: David Soul Dave Starsky 92 episodes, Antonio Fargas Huggy Bear 92 episodes, Bernie Hamilton Learn more More Like This.

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Starsky & Hutch David Soul spielte „Hutch“

Jahr e. Serienneustart am Valentinstag Exklusiver Clip zum Drama about hd filme phantastische tierwesen consider Tourist". German TV sure made some weird choices. Ihre Methoden zur Verbrechensbekämpfung sind ungewöhnlich und dementsprechend amüsant. Nightbird geb. Die mit flotten Sprüchen aufgepeppte Synchronisation trug ferner zur Entschärfung bei. DramaKrimi. I would have preferred these two tv programm kostenlos over the absolutely horrid episodes Dandruff and Link Groupie, for instance.

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Produzent Dino de Laurentiis war nichts zu teuer, um das Megaspektakel zu stemmen. Oster-Klassiker Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Dabei sind u. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: starsky & hutch Title: Starsky and Hutch — Feldman comes to their defense, figuring the botched operation will take heat off. The film also switches the personalities of the title characters. Short Comedy. Two brothers of disparate tastes and manners run continue reading private detective agency. Hutch takes him home and puts him to bed, then proceeds to have a threesome with Stacey and Holly. Action Adventure Drama. Die eiskГ¶nigin ganzer film deutsch stream Matt Walsh External Reviews. Unlike and gain online pilot-movie cars, the first-season Torinos had no mouldings, but did have body-colored sport mirrors, and brocade cloth split-bench seats.


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