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Crystal J Summers. Frank P Tighe. Anneke Vankleeck 2 D. Imre Veres. Don H Visovatti. Brian D Weil. Meanwhile, Nelson and Todd face the possibility that their marriage might be coming to an end.

While posing as professional pageant coach Pappy Fredericks in order to poke around backstage, Captain Coley manages to unmask the mysterious saboteur who is determined to scare off the contestants.

Unfortunately the Bears soon realize that the saboteur and the stalker are not one and the same when Reggie is attacked in the parking lot of a gay leather bar where the Mr.

Bear America contestants are hosting a meet and greet event. Meanwhile, Nelson and Todd reach an impasse in their relationship, and after an intense emotional confrontion, consider separating.

Wood, Todd, Detective Winters, and Mickey barely have time to establish their covers as last minute Mr.

Bear America competitors when the saboteur strikes again at a poolside photo shoot. Meanwhile, Tristan finds a pair of replacement judges; Bentley tries whipping the Top Ten into shape for the big night; and Captain Coley shows up at the rehearsal hall posing as a professional pageant coach.

Reggie wakes up in a seedy motel room where a hot kidnapper threatens to release an embarrassing video of him if he does not vote for a certain Mr.

Bear America contestant. Meanwhile, Tristan begs the Bears to go undercover to ferret out the saboteur who is bent on ruining his pageant.

Reggie fears Rami might have a marriage proposal on his mind when he shows up in Palm Springs to discuss something very important.

Reggie calls Detective Winters for help when their search for the stalker hits a dead end, but it turns out Nelson and Todd have already hired Mickey Swift and Captain Coley so the private eye rivals are all forced to team up.

Wood and George present a sneak peek of their upcoming porn extravaganza Ass Play on the Orient Express at a clothing optional gay resort with Wood starring as fictional world famous detective Herpes Poor-Ho on the trail of a murderer.

But the all too real stalker continues his rampage by locking Nelson in a steam room and leaving him to die of heat stroke. Nelson and Todd question Wood's one night stand, a night time security guard at the Palm Springs Air Museum, who they suspect might be the stalker since he was in the rental house shortly before the first note was discovered.

But when a black-clad shooter suddenly starts taking potshots at them, Todd's unexpected reaction nearly gets them killed. Meanwhile, the saboteur continues his campaign of terror resulting in the pageant host and Reggie's fellow judges all quitting.

The Bears examine the rogue's gallery list of villains they have come in contact with over the years in an attempt to identify the stalker who has left them all threatening notes.

Meanwhile, the saboteur strikes again with a slithery surprise when pageant owner Tristan throws a party at the rental house for all the Mr.

Bear America contestants. Reggie is the next in line to receive a threatening note while signing copies of his latest true crime best seller at a Palm Springs bookstore, and when more notes turn up in their rental house addressed to Nelson and Todd, the Bears face the real possibility that they are the victims of a stalker.

Wood receives a threatening note after hooking up with a one night stand. Meanwhile, when the Bears pay a visit to Reggie's best friend Tristan Danworth, who is the owner of the upcoming Mr.

Bear America Pageant where Reggie is serving as a judge, one of the constestants is suddenly targeted. In the seventh season opener, the Bears retreat to Palm Springs for a much needed vacation, but their plans for rest and relaxation are upset by Todd's increasingly erratic behavior, Nelson's dissatisfaction over his new TV pilot and a mysterious stranger breaking into their rental house in the dead of night.

Meanwhile Reggie falls under the spell of the charming and wealthy Prince Omar, who has big plans for him and the Inquisitive Channel.

Levi Allen for a big promotion. Refusing to accept the mounting evidence that Todd has ditched him on his honeymoon for another man, Nelson poses as a gas company meter reader in order to spy on his husband and get to the truth.

Meanwhile, Reggie meets a new neighbor Chase Hansen Ronnie Kerr who may prove to be helpful in saving his TV show from being cancelled.

When Todd mysteriously vanishes in Palm Springs, a desperate Nelson enlists the aid of fellow resort guests Winters and Martinez to track him down.

Meanwhile back home in Los Angeles, Reggie and Captain Coley come to a decision about the future of their relationship and Wood stumbles upon George and his new Sporting Wood model Diesel in a compromising position.

If one believes that human nature is immutable than understanding human nature is absolutely essential if change is to occur.

If one believes that the human condition is an emergent force than a different approach to change must be undertaken. History shows when people revolt.

With time there is a concentration of power and wealth. Ther is no permanent condition that assures some sort of utopian living arrangement.

It must be undertaken with a whole host of considerations — not least of which are unintended consequences and the paradoxes that seem to breed everytime one challenges the status quo.

Well said. If one controls the meaning of terms and determines how people will interpret them, one controls the discourse. If one controls the discourse, then there will be no meaningful dissent there.

Deadbeat said on November 15th, at am. The Henry George debate has been hashed and rehashed over the past two — three years here on DV.

Take a lesson from hayate…. Essentially George was a reformist. He was kind of like a precursor to Ralph Nader.

He did inspire people and help people with awareness of the worst aspects of Capitalism but his solutions in the end was flawed and reformist.

He even garnered the support of Capitalist because they knew his ideas were reformist. How much land do they consume?

Not much. How much money do they make — too much. A land tax on Goldman Sachs would be less re distributive than current corporate taxes rates.

BTW Max has argued against the progressive income tax. A land tax sounds good but it still considers land to be a commodity that can be taxed.

That is not transformative at all. We need to eliminate the monetary notion that nature land can be bought, sold, and taxed.

What Max has does is exactly as hayate explains in his comment — alter the discourse. My argument is not about competing economic system to Socialism.

That is another debate in and of itself. My argument is about the misrepresentation of Socialism. As I have stated and shown many times on DV, Max Sheilds arguments are reformist and his agenda is to divert attention from Socialist ideas.

This abandonment by the Left to its principles is why you have this vacuum with charlatans rushing in to fill it. Max Shields said on November 15th, at am.

For Deadbeat and hayate and a few others here, only they know the way, and all others are some form of zionists. They come here to oppress any other opinions which are clearly dissident opinions.

Certainly I do not control the dominant narrative; yet they chose to use me anyone who might question their dogma. But within those flaws, for the discerning reader, there may be important contributions to consider.

HG has that to offer. Since DB has never implemented a single community program I suspect he is the last one who should be speaking about flawed proposals.

Of particular note was Sun Yat-sen to George Bernard Shaw who represent a non-monolithic spectrum of thinking and action.

Neither Einstein nor MLK refuted in any way one for the other as they used HG as an important example that lives on in notions of community land trusts that were instrumental to black farmers who needed land.

Marx later took up the land issue. But remember this issue of land and rent and accessibility pre-dates HG.

Look into the French Physiocrats of the 17th and 18th centuries. George was the single most powerful voice of his time to promote this by taking a fresh approach to understanding the root causes of wealth and poverty.

He was financially poor but extremely passionate about his discoveries; and eloquent both as a speaker and writer in espousing his ideas.

His ideas are the opposite of arcane. The critique of Georgism is plentiful on the internet. I wont repeat it again since Max Shields will shift the discourse like he did to something else.

For example, is land the property of the community but the house there on private property? In any case, it is of utmost importance that the nature of the evil is clearly demonstrated.

Therefore alone, it would be important, if the book would encounter the proper attention. Now who in the hell is bobo? Deadbeat and his little friend dane continue to change their names to inflate their numbers.

First, bobo I did not say Einstein thought land value tax was the ultimate solution. Since you can find just about anything your little heart desires on the internet, I would suggest your sources need to be identified to determine their credibility.

Should I put you bobo in that elitist category? As i said debating with Max Shields is wasting time. Whenever someone pointed out his logical fallacy, Max Shields starts using ad hominem to discredit his critic.

Perhaps you should bring it to a physician rather than spread it here. Just a suggestion. Ok light weight bobo Deadbeat. Just a little.

Absolutely wrong! Pay homage to your Master, Max. Why we had sub-prime mortgages at the first place? Read New York Time, Krugman called for housing bubble in his column right after bot-com bubble busted.

Then why we had dot-com bubble? Georgism has no answer. So my apologies to Deadbeat. And by land, dear bobo, I mean all of nature.

Granted there are all kinds of speculative schemes but all are rooted to the land in one way or another since nothing we do economically can be done, i.

None of this, for the discerning mind, is black and white. I am not a religious person on matters of economics.

But a bit of an open mind, research beyond an internet disagreement here or there, does the body and mind good.

Don Hawkins said on November 15th, at pm. Look how far we have come in just the last thousand years. Jonas Rand said on November 15th, at pm.

I cannot comment on Georgism, because I have never read a word by Henry George. I have heard that he was both a blathering hack and a great philosopher, but have not made my own determination about his ideas.

However it is true that fictional capital would not be addressed by the land tax. In my opinion, Nader would be better as president than either a democrat or a republican.

One cannot expect anything more than a reformer in presidential politics. Bobo came out of nowhere, and I have to question how and why he came here.

Localism seems like a good idea, and I feel there is nothing wrong with it. Max Shields said on November 15th, at pm.

See my post above and the link to Mason Gaffney. His write up on the crash deals directly with the underlying causes. It is true that there is a high speculative financial market that creates wealth out of what appears to be thin air.

But beneath all of this are bubbles that Gaffney argues are created from land speculation. You may be familiar with Peter Victor and Herman Daly and the ecological economics of zero growth.

No one looks at HG as the ultimate solutions to a human-based economy. He has made a valuable contribution.

Some of you are so fearful and conspiracy-mongering. It is typical American. My native native tongue is not english so it may irritating i guess.

I did participate this forum over a year. Since my understanding is limited to some basic concept of political economics sophomoric i admit i dont participate in other topics.

Second, i got my screen name from a famous Italian football player soccer in American. His name is Christian Vieri and his nickname was bobo means bull in italian.

I can counterpoise that Max does not know anything about Marxism.

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