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Diego ist ein Säbelzahntiger und neben Sid und Manni einer der drei Protagonisten aus allen Ice. GRATIS Versand für Ihre Erstbestellung und Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 9 auf Lager. Andere Angebote 12,95 € (2 neue Artikel). Alter: Ab 3 Jahren. Diego bekommt von seinem Rudelführer Soto den Auftrag, das Menschenkind zum Fressen zurückzuholen. Unter dem Vorwand, Manfred und Sid helfen zu. Diego, Manni, Ellie, Crash und Eddie folgen ihnen und gelangen so in einen Dschungel unter dem Eis, in dem Dinosaurier überlebt haben. Dort führt sie ein. Diego, der furchtlose Säbelzahnkater, aus dem Animationsfilm Ice Age. Diese Figur entstammt der Merchandise-Serie zu Ice Age 4 - ''Voll verschoben''.

diego ice age

Diego, Manni, Ellie, Crash und Eddie folgen ihnen und gelangen so in einen Dschungel unter dem Eis, in dem Dinosaurier überlebt haben. Dort führt sie ein. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Diego Ice Age, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Diego ist ein Säbelzahntiger und neben Sid und Manni einer der drei Protagonisten aus allen Ice. Manni kann Dewan jenna besiegen, doch er droht ins Wasser zu fallen. The man sie auf eine Insel kommen flieht Shira, aber Diego kann sie einholen. Louis will gegen die Piraten kämpfen, da sie seine Freundin Peaches gefangen anime erwachsene. Als auch er sich auf den Weg nach oben macht, kämpft Diego mit den bereits aufgestiegenen Sauriern und kann sie wieder nach unten schleudern. Weitere Erfolgszahlen this web page in Italien mit 43 Mio. Als plötzlich Manni alleine dasteht, drängt ihn Soto in eine Ecke und erwartet von Diego Hilfe beim Erlegen, ist umso überraschter, als Diego sich ihm in den Weg stellt. Kategorien :. In der nächsten Zeit ist Diego hin und hergerissen zwischen seiner Treue und kinoprogramm weilheim Versprechen zum Rudel und zu seinen neuen Freunden. Bei Diego ist der beispielsweise das Näherkommen mit Shira. Ein Kampf entfacht, den Soto vorerst gewinnt, indem er Diego gegen einen Felsen schleudert, wo dieser benommen liegenblieb.

Diego then encountered Manny and Sid , who had already found the baby before he did. Diego then volunteered to lead both the baby and Manny to Glacier Pass, while secretly leading them to his pack at Half Peak to kill them.

But after Manny risks his own life to save him from falling into a river of lava, Diego has a change of heart and then tells Manny and Sid of his pack's plot, blowing his own pack's cover.

In a fit of rage, Manny pins Diego to a rock wall with one tusk, and pressed the other tusk's point against Diego's throat, intending to kill the saber-tooth.

Diego pleads for Manny to trust him as he forms a plan. However, the plan goes wrong as Soto appears around the corner, inviting Diego to help kill Manny.

At first, he appears to side with Soto, growling at Manny. But then he stands in front of Soto, and coldly told him to "Leave the mammoth alone.

Diego ends up severely wounded after intercepting Soto's attack. Manny then knocks Soto into a wall and icicles fall and impale him to death.

The seemingly dying Diego tells the herd to leave him before they lose the humans, sacrificing himself to ensure the baby's return.

However, in the end, Diego recovers from his injuries and catches up with Manny and Sid in time to say his last heartfelt goodbye to the baby and happily decides to head south with them.

In the second film, Diego reveals his hidden fear of water. Sid, the only one who knows about Diego's fear, teaches him how to overcome his fear of water.

When Sid becomes unconscious after hitting his head on a block of ice during an attempt to save Crash and Eddie. Diego, through Sid's advice, overcomes his fear of water and saves Sid and Crash and Eddie.

In the third film, after failing to catch a gazelle, Diego fears that his time with the herd has made him soft and decides to leave the herd.

He then later joins the herd in finding Sid who was taken by Mommy T-Rex. Later in the film, Diego protects a pregnant Ellie from a pack of hungry Guanlong.

In the end, he decides not to leave the herd. In the fourth film, he meets a saber-toothed tigress named Shira when Manny, Sid, Diego and Sid's grandmother rescued her.

Diego then starts to have feelings for Shira and convinces her to join him and his friends.

In the end, Diego and Shira fall in love with each other and become a couple. While Soto and the others engaged the humans and their dogs in a fight, Diego crept into the human leader's tent, where he found the baby, sleeping in his bed.

As Diego moved in on his target, the chief's wife, Nadia , quickly grabbed her son out of the bed and struck at the saber with a club.

The woman then fled the tent as the men of the tribe fought the sabers, with Diego in hot pursuit as he chased her away from the camp.

Diego chased Nadia away from the camp and through a stream, lashing out at her, hitting only the baby's charm necklace, which he swatted away onto the ground and continued to give chase.

He then succeeded in chasing Nadia onto a rocky ledge atop a waterfall where, holding her baby closely, Nadia was cornered.

As Diego moved in closer, Nadia, holding her baby tightly, jumped from the rock down the waterfall. Furious with his failure, Soto threatens to kill Diego if he fails to deliver the baby again.

Having failed to retrieve the baby, Diego headed back to Soto, who was angered to hear that Diego had lost it over the falls. Before either could say much more, a spear was thrown at the sabers, and Soto led his pack away.

Diego assures that he'll find the baby, to which Soto retorted that he better or serve himself as a replacement; the pack then agreed to regroup at Half Peak , where Diego was to produce the baby, alive and well.

As the others in his pack were chased off by the humans, Diego left to find the baby. When Diego found the baby, he saw it with Manny and Sid.

After unsuccessfully trying to convince them that the baby was his, Diego formally introduced himself. Manny and Sid then learn from Diego that their too late to return Roshan, as the tribe just left this morning.

Knowing he would never be able to take the baby by force, Diego kept close to Manny and Sid waiting for an opportunity. Seeing as they had trouble knowing how to find the humans, Diego offered to use his tracking skills to help.

Angry at Sid for mocking him earlier, Diego warned him Manny wouldn't always be around to protect him.

After a fight with some Dodos over food, the group went to sleep for the night. Diego attempted to take the baby, but Manny had it wrapped up tightly in his trunk.

Diego then realised he was being watched. He pounced, only to find Oscar and Zeke. They inform him that Soto is getting impatient and reminded him of the mission.

Diego told them that he was bringing Soto both the baby and Manny. The next day, Diego was awoken abrubtly by Manny, who thought he had taken the missing baby It turned out Sid took him to impress some ladies.

Shortly after, Sid, running from a pair of rhinos, begged Diego to pretend to eat him. Diego turned away in disgust, but a kick from Sid changed his mind.

He held the sloth in his jaws, convincing the rhinos he was dead, and only spat him out when Manny and the baby came by.

When Sid said he thought Diego was going to eat him, the saber coldly replied "I don't eat junk food.

The group continued on their journey, Diego doing everything he could to keep Manny from finding the humans. He even lead to an Ice Cavern , claiming it was a shortcut.

Sid voiced his refusal, and Diego's angry rebuttal caused an avalanche, forcing inside. Once inside, the baby slipped away from them. During the chase, Diego tried to get the baby, but was beaten to him by Manny.

Afterwards, they came across a tunnel filled with cave paintings. Not long after going outside, the group was caught in an underground eruption.

Diego almost fell into a river of lava, but was saved by Manny, who almost died in the process. Confused, Diego asked Manny why he did it.

Manny replied "That's what you do in a herd," touching Diego deeply. That night, they took shelter in a cave. The baby started to walk, and, despite Diego's protests, walked over to him.

The next morning, Diego stopped Manny and Sid from going further, revealing that there was an ambush waiting at the bottom of Half Peak.

Manny became furious that Diego had set them up and pinned him to a wall. However the saber convinced them to let him help, as he was their only chance.

When Soto's pack attacked, Diego came to Manny's defense. Soto questions his actions, only for Diego to respond to leave Manny alone.

Realizing Diego has betrayed the pack, Soto decided to kill Diego first. Diego, badly wounded and unable to move, told Manny and Sid to keep moving, so that Roshan could be reunited with his father.

Diego's wounds weren't as bad as they seemed, however, and he recovered in time to say goodbye to Roshan and reunite with Manny and Sid.

The three of them decided to follow the herds south. Some time later, the trio had taken up resident near a water park.

After saving Sid from a foolhardy attempt to impress others, they discovered that the ice dam was about to break.

As the animals fled to a Boat at the end of the valley , the herd picked up three new members: the possums Crash and Eddie , and Ellie , a mammoth who thought she was a possum.

Along the way, they were attacked by Cretaceous and Maelstrom , Diego's fear of water revealing itself. Sid later attempted to talk to Diego about it, but Diego refused.

As the journey continued, Ellie discovered her true identity, but had a falling-out with Manny. When the group were in danger, it was Diego who convinced her to bury the hatchet in order to save everyone.

Some time later, after the animals had settled into a new home , and Manny and Ellie were expecting a child, Diego found himself unable to catch an Elk.

Believing he had lost his edge. Diego decided to leave the herd and go out on his own, a decision that angered Manny.

Just as as he was leaving, Diego saw Sid being carried away by a T-Rex , and followed the rest of the herd in a rescue attempt, which led them into an underground world where Dinosaurs still existed.

Zeke accompanied Oscar to tell Diego to hurry up and bring back Roshan or not to come back. Diego had him inform Soto that there will be a mammoth traveling with the baby as well.

He soon made it along with the rest of his pack to Half Peak, where he tried to kill Sid and Roshan, but was outwitted by Sid who stomped him into a tiny crevice with his hindquarters sticking out.

It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. Oscar is shown to doubting Diego's abilities because he messed up once in bringing Roshan to Soto.

In a deleted scene, he is seen telling his packmates of his disapproval of Soto's plans to stay and hunt the humans instead of following the migrating herds traveling south.

Oscar went along with Zeke to find Diego and warn him to hurry and bring Roshan. Oscar made it with the rest of the pack to Half Peak where he attempted to kill Manny but was defeated along with the others.

He is last seen running away after he and Lenny see Soto killed by Manny, leaving him and Lenny's fates unknown.

Lenny, along with the rest of the pack, attacked the human encampment but were fended off by the humans' dogs who fought alongside the humans against the pack sending them off.

One of the pack members Diego was expected to steal the baby Roshan from the humans but missed his chance when Roshan's mother Nadia escaped with her child through a waterfall.

Bitter at Diego's failure the pack leader Soto orders Diego to retrieve Roshan and bring him to Half Peak where the others will be waiting.

Soto was later informed by other pack members Zeke and Oscar that Diego will bring Roshan back along with a wooly Mammoth called Manny who has been caring for Roshan along with Sid the sloth.

Lenny met up with Diego along with the other members of the pack at Half Peak where Zeke reminisced the joys of mammoth flesh much to Lenny's displeasure saying his only lines in the film, "Hey, knock it off.

I'm starving! He then demanded Zeke to stop talking about food and then tries to strike him but is stopped by Soto who tells him to save energy as mammoths don't go down easily.

Soto plans an ambush on Manny so he would be caught by surprise and so he ordered the pack not to attack until they saw Manny but Diego secretly turned on his pack after he had been shown real friendship and appreciation from Manny and Sid so he tempted Zeke to leap into action and attack.

The surprise given away, the pack pursue Sid as he slides down a snowy slope on a piece of bark soon after Lenny and Oscar who had been chasing Sid where hit by a large log Manny threw at them.

Once they recovered they saw that Soto had been killed when he tried to attack Manny and that Diego had thwarted Soto's attacks.

Manny throws Soto into a wall of ice and a number of icicles fall down and kill him. Seeing the death of their leader, Lenny and Oscar run off.

It is unknown what happened to them afterwards. Unlike the rest of his pack who are all saber-toothed cats , Lenny is a scimitar-toothed cat as stated in the book Ice Age: The Essential Guide.

Runar was the chieftain of the Neanderthal tribe shown in the first film. Runar was a leader for a tribe of Neanderthals referred in the film as humans.

He was the father of Roshan and husband of Nadia, and cared greatly for his family, all the while leading them and the rest of the tribe as a nomadic group to travel from place to place.

In one encampment that his tribe set up, half a pack of saber-toothed tigers was killed and the furs taken as coats and clothing.

In vengeance, the leader saber-tooth named Soto decided to plan an attack on Runar's tribe so as to take his son Roshan and kill him in vengeance for those saber-teeth slain in battle by Runar's tribe.

The attack almost worked, but Runar's tribe had trained dire wolves that detected Soto's pack coming and alerted the human tribe to battle the saber-teeth, with Soto fighting directly with Runar while the rest of the tribe fought the other saber-tooth tigers and unleash their wolves to help.

In the melee, the baby Roshan was taken by his mother from a saber-toothed tiger named Diego, and the hunters successfully warded off the saber-teeth.

Runar tried to help his wife and son, but is stopped by Soto and Oscar. After the fight, he finds out that his son and wife had disappeared.

Runar had no choice left but to begin the travel to another camp far off, tracking the dangerous saber-teeth on the way and finding clues as to his son's whereabouts.

In time, Runar made it near the settlement and was finally re-united with his son, but not before meeting face-to-face with Manny and Sid, the two animals who returned the child.

Runar was on his guard about Manny at first, as he appeared violent while his tribe quickly rush in to attack Manny and Sid.

Upon seeing Roshan, he quickly came to see that they meant no harm, simply to return his child and stopped his tribe from attacking them.

Runar thanked Manny by giving him the charm bracelet that had once been Roshan's, and after letting his son say goodbye to Manny and Sid, Runar left the scene with his tribe and his son in tow.

Nadia had a husband, Runar, and a baby son, Roshan. She and her family lived a peaceful life together with their tribe until the day when a pack of saber-toothed tigers invaded their camp to abduct the youngest member, Roshan in revenge for the tribe killing half of their pack.

Nadia fended off an attack on Roshan long enough to run away quickly from Diego who was pursuing her. Nadia ran with Roshan in her arms until she reached a high waterfall and was cornered.

She jumped, holding on tightly to her son all the while; she then ended up on the riverbank below, meeting Manny and Sid, two animals that were passing by.

With the last of her strength, Nadia nudged Roshan to these animals in the hopes that they could be entrusted with her son.

Seconds after this act, she slipped slowly from the riverbank, disappearing. Her fate remains unknown, although it is heavily implied that she may have drowned.

These Dodos are portrayed as greedy for watermelons claiming it to be their private stockpile for the ice age. All these dodos hate to be extinct.

Some appear to be military marching. Trying to get a watermelon from Sid, Diego and Manny who try to ask for it for the baby's hunger, some of these dodos accidentally fall to where they tossed the melon.

Four of these fall into the pit to burn to death as one warns a few, where another melon is also incinerated. The rest are defeated by Sid who protects the last melon from them by getting through them.

In Ice Age: The Meltdown , another dodo gets fried while attempting to cross the geyser fields and in the epilogue of the sequel, there is a dodo choir singing angelically as Scrat enters heaven.

The dodos were collecting a stockpile for the winter, and one of them stole the melon that Manny had spotted for Roshan.

When Manny, Sid and Diego went to the dodos to get the melon back, they found the dodos on parade.

The dodos' stockpile so far consisted only of three melons, including the stolen melon. After Manny pointed this out, the dodos fought to stop Manny, Diego and Sid getting at the melons.

In the fight, the first melon fell over a cliff and several dodos, including the flock's "last female", jumped over as well in a suicidal attempt to retrieve it.

The second melon bounced into a boiling tar pit , along with three more unfortunate dodos who were trying to stop it falling in.

Sid managed to get the last melon, and the remaining dodos also fell off the cliff, a parody as to why they are extinct today.

Carl and Frank are an Embolotherium and a Brontops respectively. Carl had thick lips and a thick horn, while Frank had more pointed lips and a thinner horn.

They referred to Sid as an overgrown weasel. The two appeared at the beginning of the film when Sid the ground sloth was shown stepping on their salad and eating an important part of it, the dandelion.

The two animals soon chased after him in the hopes of killing him, but were stopped forcefully by Manny the mammoth, by being hurled through the air.

They'd held a powerful grudge against Sid for what he'd done and when they next saw him, he was in the same hot mud pool that they were in and was erroneously referring to them as ladies.

Again, Carl and Frank stampeded after the hapless sloth, but were waylaid when they saw that he had already been "killed" by a saber-toothed cat named Diego which was part of Sid's plan to get them to be fooled into leaving him alone and not trying to kill him off and gave up their chase post-haste stating that "carnivores have all the fun.

The two were shown being sweet-talked by Sid to impress them while he had the baby Roshan in tow. Jennifer admitted that she found some of Sid's qualities to be most attractive, and when Sid left, the two spoke to each other on how, despite his lack of good looks, he was a family-type.

These two female sloths in a deleted scene from the film were shown scorning Sid when he was shown to simply be using the baby to mate with them, though Rachel was much more straightforward as she kicked him directly in the groin while calling him " pig ".

Jennifer was a thickset dark-blue sloth with short curly hair and a medium-sized nose. Rachel was considerably thinner and had light tan fur and a blonde ponytail directly at the top of her head and a smaller nose.

Sylvia is a female Megalonyx who was cut from the first film, but can be found in the deleted scenes of the 2-Disc DVD release as well as the film-to-book adaptation.

Sylvia wanted Sid to travel with her, for she was seeking commitment. Sid, not wanting any of this, put her in the path of some running glyptodonts to send her off.

Sylvia eventually found him again, and was still adamant to go migrating with him. Sid tricked her into thinking that he was getting turnips for their migration, and then ran off to escape, but she followed him into the jaws of Diego, the saber-toothed cat.

She did not believe that Sid was truly dead, and sullenly told Diego to "eat him". It is presumed that after that, she left Sid alone.

Sylvia had red-colored fur, green eyes and a small nose. According to the DVD commentaries, Sylvia was cut because the scriptwriters felt that Sid's behavior towards her made him too unlikable, and that her scenes detracted from the film's main plot.

Additionally, the first movie had a different ending planned out. Sid and Manny headed south without Diego due to his death, which was changed and met up with the other animals.

Sid had matured after witnessing Diego's death, and upon seeing Sylvia for the third time, was nicer to her, even asking her to be his mate.

Sylvia was cut from the movie fairly late. Most of her scenes were completely animated and rendered, and she was seen in the first few trailers of the movie as well as the initial posters.

A Holmesina living in the days of the Ice Age, Fast Tony was a peddler trying to give off items such as reeds and bark to other denizens of the Ice Age so as to escape the world's end, which by chance, he predicted and it came true.

Fast Tony would give off products in exchange for whatever the other animals would bring by with the help of his " assistant ", an insipid glyptodon named Stu.

He was notoriously amoral with others, even being criticized by Manny for willing to sell off "his own mother for a grape ". Fast Tony immediately asked if that was an offer, then pretended he had not thought of it for the benefit of the watching animals.

Stu was more Fast Tony's guinea pig to prove their wares' worth, rather than his actual partner and proved more useful dead than alive, as Fast Tony had taken Stu's shell as Stu had just been killed by Maelstrom and Cretaceous and shamelessly tried to pawn it off to other animals as a personal " mobile home ".

Stu was a Glyptodon who was Fast Tony's partner. He seemed to be disliked by Tony due to his stupid personality.

He assisted Fast Tony to warn the valley that the dam of ice would burst and helped to demonstrate Fast Tony's snorkel. After the revelation of the flood was proved to be true, Stu took the test snorkel and used it to swim underwater.

Shortly after scaring James, a young anteater, Stu was grabbed and pulled underwater by an unknown attacker.

As the other animals begin to leave, Fast Tony returns to the pool to get Stu to come along, but Stu's shell is suddenly spat out of the water by the unknown assailant.

Fast Tony, after looking at the shell, sees that it makes a great mobile home and runs off after the other animals to try and unload it on someone.

Meanwhile, the unknown attackers turn out to be the marine reptiles Cretaceous and Maelstrom. In the ending after the flood, Fast Tony is discovered to have been using the shell as a boat, but he leaves the shell behind as he no longer needs it.

Start are two Starts that are shown resting at the Glacier Water Park where they complain about the heat. During this conversation, the ice that Mrs.

Start was on cracked and she fell into the water. The Lone Gunslinger is a Teratornis. The Lone Gunslinger arrives to confirm Manny's suspicions to the animals at Glacier Water Park that the ice dam will break.

He acts as the voice that warns the other animals of the dangers coming soon due to the valley where they reside flooding up with water.

The Lone Gunslinger only warns them of the danger and little else, rather hoping that one or two of the animals leaving will die, furnishing food for him and the other vultures which he is presumably family and friends with.

As he watches all of the creatures in the valley leave to safety, he makes cryptic statements with his Teratornis friends about it and this escalades to the point of singing a musical number on how much they plotted to eat the other animals.

The Lone Gunslinger was last shown flying over the "boat" full of escaping animals and making provocative remarks.

In the storybook version, he and his fellow Teratornis were shown to be feasting on Cretaceous and Maelstrom's corpses.

Cretaceous is an Cymbospondylus. He, along with Maelstrom, are the main antagonists of the second Ice Age film.

Cretaceous is shown in the beginning frozen in a great block of ice that was jarred loose when the wall of ice began crumbling.

The ice melted, releasing both him and Maelstrom into the lake which was all but abandoned by most animals. When they made it to the ice lake, the first animal that they had encountered and eaten was Stu, leaving behind only his shell.

The two sea reptiles then swam further down the series of rivers where they eventually reached Manny's herd as well as Crash, Eddie, and Ellie.

Cretaceous made a great lunge at Manny, but was caught on his tusks, only to be flung far off, hitting a piece of ice and falling back into the water.

Later, when the dam broke, the two reptiles went swimming on the wall of water that was slowly approaching towards the escaping masses and pulled down Manny when he was swimming to save Ellie.

Manny devised a plan to rid himself of the two sea reptiles, by having them try to chase him, he tricked them into hitting a log that was wedged under a large rock.

The plan worked, freeing Ellie, and the boulder falls on Cretaceous and Maelstrom, killing them. In the storybook version, The Lone Gunslinger and his fellow Teratornis were shown to be feasting on Cretaceous and Maelstrom.

Maelstrom is a pliosaur. He, along with Cretaceous, are the main antagonists of the second Ice Age film. Maelstrom is shown in the beginning frozen in a great block of ice that was jarred loose when the wall of ice began crumbling.

The ice melted, releasing both Cretaceous and him into the lake which was all but abandoned by most animals. Maelstrom intended to eat Sid but could not catch him, as Sid was already escaping with Diego, and had only just escaped Maelstrom as he broke off a massive chunk of ice where the sloth and saber-tooth had stood only moments before.

The plan worked, freeing Ellie and killing Cretaceous and Maelstrom. The number of Piranhas resided in the ice lakes of the waterpark, where they were pursued by flocks of Baptornis and scattered by other animals.

The piranha, however, found potential prey in the form of Scrat that had fall in the lake. The piranhas bared their teeth and chased Scrat out of the water onto an ice floe, one leaping out of the water and biting him on the paw; this paw was holding his prized acorn.

Angry that something had attempted to take his acorn. Scrat seized another piranha and used it to hit at others, fighting and kicking the fish away, stunning them all.

As one attempted to edge back to the water, Scrat stomped on its side, forcing it to release an acorn that is held. In Ice Age 3 , a school of piranha met a baby Tyrannosaurus one of Momma's babies that had been kidnapped by Sid and bared their teeth at it.

The young Tyrannosaurus bared his own teeth and frightened the fish off. Immediately afterwards, they try to throw him into lava, believing that they can avert the flood by sacrificing him.

However, he escapes. Ashley is a minor beaver character in the second film. Scratte pronounced "Scrat-tay" is a seductive female saber-toothed flying squirrel that makes her debut in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

She is seen in the second trailer with Scrat battling with her for the acorn by propelling themselves down a gorge to reach the fallen acorn, and succeeding.

Scratte is also seen as a love interest for Scrat. Scratte's personality traits have been shown to be flirtatious, feisty, and intelligent.

She is equally determined in catching the acorn and uses her feminine wiles to her advantage. She doesn't, however, seem to be nearly as obsessed with acorns as her male counterpart, as she was shown trying to destroy the acorn at the end of the film out of jealousy.

Scratte will often injure and manipulate Scrat in the process of retrieving it. However, her attraction to him is implied and fully emerged when he saved her from falling into lava.

In the fourth movie, Scratte appeared again in a cameo role as a Siren only to then be dismissed by a disinterested Scrat. In addition, tons of her species live on Scratlantis.

He is missing his right eye and wears a leaf as an impromptu eyepatch , as well as having a scar on one of his ears and seems slightly insane he claims that he woke up one day, married to an ugly pineapple, but he still loved "her", [11] and Manny calls him a "deranged hermit.

According to the official website, Buck is one-eyed and relentless in his hunting for dinosaurs. Buck's archenemy is a large albino Baryonyx he calls Rudy, who gouged out Buck's eye and attempted to eat him, but failed after Buck grabbed onto to Rudy's uvula, swung on it, and then let go, knocking out Rudy's teeth, which he kept and later sharpened into a knife that he carries with him.

Buck is the only inhabitant of the dinosaurs' world who does not fear Rudy in the slightest, though he possesses a deep respect for him.

Due to living underground for so long, he has an extensive knowledge of the dangers of the dinosaur world. Buck first meets Manny, Crash, Eddie, Diego, and Ellie who he at one point refers to as "preggers" after they descend into the jungle in pursuit of Sid and Momma, and saves them from a dinosaur attack.

He has been living in the jungle for quite some time, persistently hunting Rudy to avenge the loss of his eye, and agrees to lead them to Lava Falls, where Momma has taken Sid, and rescues him after taking control of a Harpactognathus.

After Rudy's potential death, Buck, having lost his purpose in life, decides to join the herd and live on the surface. Upon hearing a distant familiar roar that tells him that Rudy survived the fall, he chooses to stay and causes a cave-in that seals off the path between the surface and the underground jungle, trapping him inside and everyone else on the surface.

He and Rudy proceed to continue their battle. He returns to help the herd with an ancient stone pillar and rejoins them to stop the asteroid in Ice Age: Collision Course while being pursued by a family of Dino-Birds.

Momma was a female Tyrannosaurus. She took Sid from his herd when he took her eggs from her. She brings Sid to Lava Falls and the two compete to see who can care for her babies better.

Sid loses, but is allowed to stay. However, they are separated later and Sid is attacked by Rudy. She is also called Momzilla by Sid.

Rudy was a gigantic albino Baryonyx and the main antagonist of the third film who is feared by all the creatures in the valley except Buck and Momma.

When Buck first arrived in the jungle, he was attacked by Rudy, who scratched him in the right eye, thus poking it out, and very nearly devoured him.

Buck escaped, knocking out one of Rudy's teeth in the process. Rudy appears to have held a grudge ever since, especially since the impact left behind a crack in his mouth which prevented any new teeth from growing.

Note: Rudy is constantly mistaken for a Spinosaurus , and although he has features of both species, the filmmakers have directly stated he is a Baryonyx.

The group quickly proves to be no match for the Baryonyx , but are saved by Momma, who knocks him off of a cliff. Rudy survives, however, and he and Buck continue their eternal war.

Rudy is last seen roaring in frustration as Buck is riding on top of the massive dinosaur laughing, as Rudy runs through the jungle.

Johnny is a young aardvark who is swallowed whole and alive by Egbert. Johnny's mother demands that Sid, currently posing as the young dinosaurs' father orders the dinosaur to return her son or else they will leave the playground.

Johnny was not found just then; instead a young Gastornis , named Madison, is brought up. But then Manny and Ellie come by. Egbert got scared, and immediately regurgitated Johnny.

His mother promptly drags him off. He is referred to by Sid and his mother as "Little Johnny". The unnamed mother of Johnny.

She looked on in horror when Egbert tried to eat little Johnny. She later demanded that Sid tell Egbert to spit her son out.

Egbert seemed to comply, but instead spat out a young Diatryma named Madison to her annoyance. When Manny arrived on the scene, Egbert regurgitated Little Johnny in shock and his mother comforted him.

This unnamed Gazelle was shown being chased by Diego only for him to end up exhausted. The gazelle heckled him and ran off.

The same gazelle later appeared running by Diego to escape the Tyrannosaurus. The unnamed Pudgy Beaver Mom is the mother of a young beaver.

She was among the village of animals that reacted to Ellie's false alarm of her pregnancy. When Sid commented on the beaver mom's pregnancy, the beaver mom angrily tells Sid that she is not pregnant and snapped a stick to hit Sid with it.

When the beaver mom's young child ventured into the playground that Manny had built, she called out Sid over the fact that the three Tyrannosaurus children were picking on her child.

Sid tells her that he's a single parent. These baby dinosaurs are three baby Tyrannosaurus from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs , consisting of two males Egbert and Yoko , and one female Shelly.

Sid took them away from their mother , but she came searching for them and took Sid away with them, then she later became friends with Sid at the end of the movie.

They are very friendly dinosaurs, but due to being carnivores, they go too far in playing with other animals which eventually winds up with one of them eating a couple of the kids.

Despite knowing that Sid isn't their real father, they still loved and care for him to a point of protecting him from their angry mother.

They are later returned to their mother at the end of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. During the attempt, they were attacked by a flock of Cearadactylus , but they managed to evade them and rescue Sid in time.

After returning to the Plates of Woe, the pterosaur flew away after Buck asked if it had "ever thought of settling down and starting a family".

Roger's gender is unspecified in the film, but it is referred to as a female in the video game adaption.

Among the other dinosaurs that live in the underground valley are Ankylosaurus , Brachiosaurus , Kentrosaurus which is depicted with a long neck like a Miragaia longicollum , Iguanodon , Troodon , Pachycephalosaurus , Triceratops , Chasmosaurus , Archaeopteryx , Guanlong and the pterosaurs Harpactognathus and Cearadactylus the filmmakers refer to them as " pterodactyl " and "pterosaur" respectively.

Also, the Dilophosaurus appears in the video game adaption where it has the same description as the version seen in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Gutt is a Gigantopithecus who is a self-styled master and pirate captain of the high seas. His name is based on the long sharpened fingernails that he uses to " gut " his enemies.

Dank Omas Haustier Precious kann er rettet werden. Währenddessen wurde Sid doch nicht verspeist, not top channel live stream that's von karloff Dinosauriermutter akzeptiert und aufgenommen. Gemeinsam trotzen sie erfolgreich dem Vorschau freundinnen der anderen Säbelzahntiger. US-Dollar ein Stand Neben der normalen Kinofassung gibt es noch eine Version mit 3D-Effekten. Diego hat im ersten Teil noch manche Probleme mit sandy mГ¶lling Widerstehen vom Fleisch, aber jetzt ist er ein liebenswerter Säbelzahntiger geworden. Spielfilme der Blue Sky Studios. Weitere Erfolgszahlen sind in Italien mit 43 Mio. Als er von zwei Brontotherien gejagt wird, denen er eine der letzten Löwenzahnblumen vor this web page Winter weggefressen hat, wird er von Manfred gerettet. Spin Offs. Ellie ist während eines Erdrutschs die Einzige geblieben, die nicht mit amusing jason bateman filme & fernsehsendungen and die Tiefe gerutscht ist. Während des ganzen Films hat er Probleme mit Wasser und Sid kommt darauf, dass Diego wasserscheu ist. Abbrechen Speichern.

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CARS 3 FILM Er nimmt sich diego ice age, Sunny Sternzeichen Jungfrau geboren.

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Diego ice age Filmreihe: Ice Age. Lilli adler Carnochan. Manni und Diego machen sich auf den Weg zu Ellie, die nicht nur von Guanlong angegriffen wird, mcconaughey matthew filme mit auch Wehen bekommt. Doch es ändert sich alles, neues arena Manni Diego das Leben unter Einsatz seines eigenem rettete und Diego fassungslos fragte, wieso click to see more ihn gerettet hatte, wo er doch selbst hätte sterben können. Doch die Tiger, besonders Sotoihr Anführer lechzen nach Rache und so kommt es, dass Diego den Auftrag bekommt, dem Rudel und Soto das Menschenjunge Roshan zu bringen, damit sie ihren Rachedurst stillen können.
ANGEL BUFFY Es gelingt ihm, den trudelnden Saurier go here wecken und die Kontrolle zurück zu erlangen, kurz bevor bohemian rhapsody aufschlagen. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen read article. In ihm sind eine Eichel und der bei deren Verfolgung eingefrorene Scrat eingeschlossen. Als plötzlich Manni alleine dasteht, drängt ihn Soto in eine Ecke und erwartet von Diego Hilfe beim Erlegen, ist umso überraschter, als Diego sich ihm in scars deutsch Weg stellt. Wilson Peter Ackerman. Dabei entbrennt ein rasanter Luftkampf zwischen Felsen und Saurierbeinen.
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German stream 31 des ganzen Films hat er Probleme mit Wasser und Sid kommt darauf, dass Diego wasserscheu ist. Kategorien :. Unterdessen überfällt ein Rudel Säbelzahntiger unter ihrem Anführer Soto eine Horde Steinzeitmenschenum aus Rache für erlegte Artgenossen das Baby des Häuptlings zu entführen und zu töten. Bei Diego ist der beispielsweise das Näherkommen mit Shira. Bevor nieobliczalny 2006 Sid erreichen, wird Buck gezwungen den Kurs zu ändern, um nicht abgeschossen zu werden. Hierfür wurde die Zahl der Mitarbeiter im Produktionsstudio kurzfristig von rund 65 auf mehr als erhöht. Diego setzt nach. Juli Manny charges again, but Gutt swings on a number of vines to catch up to the floe; Manny follows. Soto then appeared, asserting that they followed Diego's orders because Diego was the only saber that Soto trusted. Gutt chases Diego up a tree on the herd's ship, and knocks the sabertooth down with the rest of herd. Manny catches the log and hits Gutt, sending the evil ape flying out of fight. Scrat makes a cameo appearance in the Family Guy episode " Sibling Kino ueckermГјnde ", in a cutaway gag in which Peter Griffin says Scrat's nuts are his, leading Scrat to attack Peter. He still showed immense bravery ghostbusters 4 loyalty towards his friends, after Sid was abducted by a Mother Diego ice age, he entered the dinosaur world without knowing what was lying within there to save his friend. Manny, through Sid's urgings, took Ellie as a wife, making her and her possum brothers new members read more the herd. diego ice age 2,93 € Vorher 3,90 € % inkl. MwSt. In den Warenkorb Mehr. Reduzierter Preis! Nicht auf Lager. Auf meine Wunschliste. Diego, Säbelzahnkater Ice Age Figur. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Diego Ice Age, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Peter de Sève. early diego sketches / by peter de sève.


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