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KG | Updates | Impressum | Datenschutz | Jobs | Werbung schalten | Links | Facebook | zurück nach oben –​episodenguide. Episodenführer Season 1 – Sie sind eine wilde Truppe und für jeden abgedrehten Spaß zu haben – die Mitarbeiter von „M.A.S.H: die Chirurgen Trapper und . Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie M*A*S*H, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen. Der MASH Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von MASH in der Übersicht. Dies ist eine chronologische Liste aller Episoden von M*A*S*H. Sie enthält Trapper macht bei einem Boxturnier der MASH-Camps mit, um die Versetzung.

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In diesem ''Mobile Army Surgical Hospital'' (MASH) kümmerte er sich mit seinem Team Der Episodenguide zu M*A*S*H umfasst 11 Staffeln mit Episoden. Special · Staffel S. S Staffel E Episode Stream im TV; SDie Doku zur Serie TV-​Ography: MASH Meistgezeigte Episoden der letzten 15 Jahre: Wirklich. Im M*A*S*H Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller Folgen der Comedy Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den.

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M.A.S.H. -- Corporal Klinger and Father Dying

Season 9 3 DVDs. Mo Terminplaner mit allen Sendeterminen. User am Was mich jetzt schon paar Jahre stört, es wird nie bis ende angezeigt, meine gerade die teile was wirklich zum denken bringen.

Die Serie war eigentlich produziert von erste bis zum lezten teil, weil sie die menschen zum nachdenken bringt. Warum hört dan Nitro in die hälfte an und fangt wieder von vorne an.

Na ja M. G jarka1 t-online. TatjanaR75 geb. Da sagte Hockey am Ende: "Eines würde ich gerne wissen.

Hast Du Hot Lips wird hier im Original noch von Sally Kellerman gespielt. Ich suche das Abendgebet von Father Mulcahy mit dem Inhalt " Er sagt das, als einige Soldaten im Zelt von B.

The tables show the broadcast order by default. Click on the header for the column "Prod. Code" to resort the episodes according to the production sequence.

Bold text. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. To Market, to Market.

Requiem for a Lightweight. Chief Surgeon Who? The Moose. Yankee Doodle Doctor. Bananas, Crackers and Nuts. Henry, Please Come Home. Die Erstausstrahlung der achten Staffel war vom Die Erstausstrahlung der neunten Staffel war vom November bis zum 4.

März bis zum Mai Die Erstausstrahlung der zehnten Staffel war vom Mai bis zum Die Erstausstrahlung der elften Staffel war vom Mai bis zum 9.

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Special · Staffel S. S Staffel E Episode Stream im TV; SDie Doku zur Serie TV-​Ography: MASH Meistgezeigte Episoden der letzten 15 Jahre: Wirklich. Im M*A*S*H Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller Folgen der Comedy Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den. In diesem ''Mobile Army Surgical Hospital'' (MASH) kümmerte er sich mit seinem Team Der Episodenguide zu M*A*S*H umfasst 11 Staffeln mit Episoden. Will wird von Emma und Ken darum gebeten, ein Mash-Up für ihre Hochzeit zu entwerfen und Tanzstunden zu geben. Unterdessen versuchen Finn und Quinn. Erstausstrahlung: 8. Colonel Potter entwickelt eine herzliche Freundschaft are sao german dub right Oberschwester der 8. Promotion Commotion. Erstausstrahlung: 9. Lüge und Betrug Identity Crisis. Die Read article "Gin, Scotch und Cognac" ist die April Salcido, Danil Thorpe.

Agonal affiliativ bedeutung agonal. No episodes except the finale carried a title card, but episode titles have been published by the producers in literature about the series and on the DVD releases.

Episode Indices All the series episodes have been indexed on this wiki by the following. Contents[show] Season 1 Pilot [www.

Haupthandlungsort ist Uijeongbu in Südkorea. Die Serie wurde von der CBS vom September bis zum Powered by WordPress mit dem Mesmerize Theme.

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All these things and more go into B. While under the influence of a very high fever, Frank believes he is going to pass away, so he writes a will, in which he gives his money to his wife back in the US, and his clothing to Margaret.

The second such-named episode, this one involves two letters, basically. The first is to Colonel Potter, informing him that he will soon be a grandfather.

The second is to Frank, informing him that his wife is planning on divorcing him. Radar, along with Hawkeye and B. Frank decides to throw the book at Hawkeye, and brings him up on charges for mutiny, for infractions of the rules that occurred when Frank was acting C.

Meanwhile, a wounded soldier who was wounded before and is back at the th wishes to leave the Army, any way he can. Clete Roberts, a stateside reporter, comes to the th to interview the doctors and other personal who are separated from their families and far away from home.

Unfortunately, Hawkeye, B. Eventually everyone reunites back at the camp when the Chinese are repulsed.

After a cryptic phone call from Tokyo, the camp finds out that Margaret is engaged to a Lieutenant Colonel named Donald Penobscott.

After he attempts to repair a stove and it blows up in his face, Hawkeye is forced to go about the camp with his eyes bandaged, with the knowledge that he may never see again.

Even without the use of his eyes Hawkeye is able to go up against Frank, who is cheating the camp out of their money by betting on a baseball game, one that he knows the final score to.

Colonel Flagg comes to the th to investigate the disappearance of Margaret. Frank thinks she has been captured by the North Koreans.

As it turns out, she was only helping a South Korean woman give birth, and everyone is relieved when she returns. Sidney Freedman drops by the th to try and find relief for his depression.

He observes how the men and women of the th are able to survive the terrible pressures of their jobs.

In order to help with his depression and relieve his own pressures, he writes a letter to psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, and helps B.

On the way back, he is forced to perform a tracheotomy on the soldier, with assistance from Hawkeye back at the th over the radio.

In the end, Paik decides that he should leave, before things get out of hand. After they go to a Korean hospital and helping out, the jeep Hawkeye and Potter took is shelled and Potter tries to get Hawkeye to shoot the pistol he was forced to wear, which goes against every principle Hawkeye believes in.

Yet another full episode, this one involves Sophie getting colic, Klinger getting depressed, and Margaret getting appendicitis.

Two of the three are resolved, Sophie and Margaret, while Klinger remains depressed until Potter returns from Tokyo and gives him a discharge for depression, at least until Klinger becomes enthused and loses the discharge.

Sidney Freedman is called in when Hawkeye starts having nightmares and beings walking in his sleep. Sidney believes that Hawkeye, upset over how young the soldiers he operates on are, has regressed into his mind to a time in his life without as much pressure, but the pressure in war breaks into that part of his life as well.

Eventually, given a clean bill of mental health by Sidney, Hawkeye returns to normal. After being stumped yet again by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye calls in his friend Tippy Brooks, who is adept at crosswords, to provide the needed answer.

However, Tippy misinterprets the call and brings along his CO, thinking it is an emergency. After his leg is amputated, Billy Tyler, a black sergeant who back home was a star football player, believes he has nothing left to life for and decides he wants to die.

Radar is able to get him to see he still has lots he can do, and Billy leaves the th lacking a leg, but still standing tall.

Radar plays surrogate father to a Korean mother and baby, while waiting for the father to return. Meanwhile, Hawkeye is disgusted to hear he is in the running to become a personal physician to a general.

After Potter asks for a stop to the souvenir hunting, Hawkeye and B. There is a lack of blood at the th, and every able-bodied man and woman in the camp is donating blood every 48 hours.

Things look bad, at least until a group of Turkish soldiers show up and their blood is drawn. The wedding is rushed when wounded arrive, but after surgery is over, Margaret and Donald go off on their honeymoon, leaving a heart-broken Frank behind.

Eventually, the two reconcile, with Hawkeye giving Radar a well-deserved Purple Heart, and a rare salute. One of B. However, the joke goes too far when it gets B.

Colonel Potter and Hawkeye manage to get B. After the pressure of the war gets to be too much to handle, members of the th build a huge bonfire in which they burn just about anything, as a way to ease the tension.

Sidney drops by, upset by a soldier who is blaming him for injuries he sustained after Sidney sent him back to the fighting.

After Charles records a letter to his parents asking them to do whatever it takes to get him back in the USA, Hawkeye and B.

As a result, Charles changes his eating habits. Being the Army, when medical supplies are needed, the th is sent salt tablets and ice cream churns, while B.

So everyone is understandably upset when they get to the end and find the last page missing, and the mystery left unsolved.

His solution? A phone call to the author. After being asked to help an elderly sick Korean woman by her daughter, Hawkeye then proceeds to fall in love with the daughter, one Kyong Soon.

Hawkeye is amazed at how she not only takes care of her mother, but also maintains a farm and cares for orphans.

After her mother dies, Kyong decides to move southward with the children, leaving Hawkeye behind.

The scheming Charles comes up with a fool-proof or so he believes plan to cheat members of the th out of their money. It comes about when the Army decides to change the red scrip money issued to Army members with a new, blue scrip.

However, Hawkeye and B. In the end, Charles has piles and piles of money; in valueless red scrip. After seeing that a lot of the wounded soldiers who come through the th are the bearers of tattoos, Radar decides that he too should have one, and that a tattoo will help him with women.

The entire camp, especially Hawkeye, try to change his mind. In the end, Radar shows of his brand new tattoo; drawn on with marker that is easily removable.

Colonel Potter sets up a campwide Olympic games, with the team scoring the highest receiving a three day pass, so everyone is ripping to compete.

After getting upset and pushing Colonel Victor Bloodworth against a wall for predicted how many casualties will show up at the th, Hawkeye faces a court-martial.

Hawkeye and Margaret are forced to put aside their differences when they end up trapped in enemy territory and must hide in a hut to escape enemy shelling.

After B. So, to retaliate, Charles is invited to join a poker game. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter has a talk with a suicidal patient and is able to save his life.

After their supply of penicillin is stolen, and casualties are high, Father Mulcahy is able to find out where more penicillin can be obtained.

After receiving a collection of records, Radar plays disc jockey to the camp, which relieves the tension and pressure of a long stint in the OR, brought on by yet another deluge of wounded.

In the meantime, Charles and B. In the third and final such named episode, five sacks full of mail arrive at the th after being kept up for three weeks, meaning everyone is starved for contact with loved ones back home.

Hawkeye gets letters mailed to Benjamin Pierce, which he enjoys reading, while B. After being informed that someone at the th is complaining about how he runs the place, Colonel Potter decides to retire and go home, which upsets just about everyone.

In the end, he decides to stay after discovering the person the complaints are coming from was sent by a perturbed Colonel who had come through the th some months before.

Winchester and Mr. The surgeons are forced to give wounded soldiers placebo pills in place of morphine, which may have been contaminated, and a soldier other than Klinger is sent home on a Section Eight.

After his boss finds a friend in Colonel Lil Raybron, the head nurse to the Eighth Army who is his age and also regular army, Radar begins to suspect that Colonel Potter has more than friendship in mind, and reacts accordingly.

Clete Roberts makes a return visit to the th to update the folks at home on how the Korean War is going.

After getting a letter from the States informing him that he was turned down for a medical position he wanted to take up after the war was over, Charles is so upset he stops talking to anyone, at least until Hawkeye and B.

Meanwhile, when a soldier is unable to recall who he is, Sidney Freedman is called in. After the heat at the th becomes almost unbearable, Klinger decides to dress in a rubber suit and fur coat, Hawkeye and B.

With a strong windstorm threatening the camp, everyone begins to batten down the proverbial hatches, while Radar worries about his animals and does his best to prepare them for the oncoming storm, and Charles is forced to change his travel plans to Tokyo from a chopper to ground, and while on his way to Seoul encounters a medical emergency.

Everything he sees, the camera sees, from the battle in which he was wounded to his recovery in Post-Op. After they find out Charles has a Korean servant doing all his chores for him, Hawkeye and B.

After a deluge of wounded arrive, Father Mulcahy starts a collection so he can go buy needed penthohal from black marketers. After he reads about a rapidly rising chopper pilot whose heroic feats get him promoted, Father Mulcahy decides he should do the same, since he is passed up for promotion again and again.

Hawkeye worries over B. However, after she is able to upstage him in the OR, Hawkeye gets his ego thrashed. Sophie disappears, and Hawkeye and B.

The surgeons at the th realize that being in Korea has knocked them out of the loop, medically speaking, when a surgeon from Tokyo comes and shows them the latest techniques.

After they bug out to a nearby cave, Colonel Potter discovers that Hawkeye is claustrophobic, and is unable to stay inside the cave, which is their protection from a US artillery barrage on the Chinese.

Colonel Flagg comes for a visit, this time with the notion that Hawkeye is commiserating with the enemy. After the wounded begin to increase, Hawkeye decides to remove the appendix of the person responsible for the increase, a Colonel Lacy.

Charles falls for a young Korean girl, and Klinger is stunned to meet a nurse who is attracted to his wacky ways and outfits.

The th is delighted when they are treated to well-cooked meals instead of the usual drivel they get. The reason for this good eating?

A soldier who wishes to thank the doctors for operating on him. Colonel Potter, meanwhile, is too busy worrying over a personal problem to notice the fine cuisine, which Hawkeye and B.

Once again Hawkeye must go up against authority in order to help a patient, this time a wounded Korean woman. While Hawkeye is intent on taking care of her, a ROK officer is more concerned with any information she may have concerning guerillas.

Radar is also unable to find one, and then he is informed by Colonel Potter that his Uncle Ed has passed away, and he will be given a hardship discharge and sent home.

Eventually Radar decides that his place is at home, after a talk with Colonel Potter, and the camp plans a big going-away party, but it is ruined when wounded arrive.

Radar says goodbye to everyone, and Hawkeye gives him a salute from the OR. Meanwhile, B. This gets B. After he begins to help her study medical texts, Father Mulcahy finds that the ambitious and pretty Nurse Harris has the wrong idea about their relationship.

She wants to be a doctor when the war is over, and he was helping her out. As it turns out, he got married! The rest of the camp, in the meantime, wrestles with a lethal epidemic of hemorrhagic fever.

On their way back to the th, Hawkeye and B. A soldier needs a major operation to save his life, and the th has roughly 20 minutes before they must perform the operation.

At the same time, another soldier lies dying, and his aorta could provide a needed graft for the other soldier.

Hawkeye and the other doctors work to keep the first soldier alive while waiting for the other to die.

Klinger tries to find time to write a letter to his uncle while at the same time doing everything for just about everyone, seeing as he is company clerk.

After they jointly saved the life of a wounded soldier, B. Margaret, meanwhile, is surprised to get a visit from Scully, a frontline soldier.

After Colonel Potter is stricken with the mumps, and then Charles, a replacement surgeon is called in. Newsome, the replacement surgeon, is both a roundabout nice guy and a fantastic doctor.

After a mysterious trip to Tokyo, Colonel Potter returns to the th somewhat depressed, but nobody can figure out why, until Potter calls his officers into his tent and shares a toast with them to his buddies from an earlier war who have passed away.

While Potter was in Tokyo, Hawkeye was in charge, and he was forced to deal with a group of South Koreans, made up of mostly children, in need of medical attention.

The soldier was a concert pianist before the war. Attempting to set things right, Charles sends for piano music that was written by a soldier who lost his arm during the first World War.

After 48 hours with little sleep, the th is greatly fatigued, and the few hours of fitful sleep they can catch are filled with dreams of the war, revealing their fears and feelings of lack of fulfillment.

Back at the th, Charles has challenged Colonel Potter to a bridge tournament, and B. Various members of the camp respond to the letters, Hawkeye gets an emotional letter from one boy whose brother was killed in the war, and Charles is so moved by the letter he gets that instead of writing back he records one.

While working on putting down a new cement floor in the OR, Margaret must deal with a Italian corpsman named Ignazio who attempts to woo her, to no avail.

As Christmas Day passes them by, B. As re-upping time rolls around, Klinger gets news from Toledo that his ex-wife will marry his best friend.

Shattered by the news, he decides to re-up for another six years, while at the same time a male nurse is upset at the way he was treated by the army for being a male nurse.

While Colonel Potter does his best to find a painkiller he can use when he is notified that the army will soon be banning the current one in use, Hawkeye attempts to get dates with various nurses through the use of an antiqued bottle of wine.

Klinger begins to take advantage of this arrangement, while B. After they are accidentally given a shipment of over half a million tongue depressors, Hawkeye decides to document this error by erecting a huge tower, made out of tongue depressors.

Klinger writes about it, Colonel Potter paints it, and in the end, Hawkeye makes one final gesture with it.

While Hawkeye attempts to make it one day without joking, Charles is finally able to lock horns with Colonel Horace Baldwin, the man who sent him to Korea.

Baldwin offers a return to Tokyo, but at a price even Charles is not willing to pay — friendship. The camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.

While Father Mulcahy anxiously awaits the visit of a Cardinal, Hawkeye is deeply affected at the friendship between a critically ill soldier and one with leukemia.

Colonel Potter is worried at the way Radar sounds in a letter from Ottumwa, while the rest of the th enjoys a gift from a Korean woman; fresh veggies.

Charles is almost killed by a sniper, and afterward becomes obsessed with death, spending time with soldiers who faced death, and trying to find out what one soldier who actually died for a few moments saw while deceased.

A USO show comes to the th, bringing excitement and fun, at least until one of the stars of the show is in need of an emergency operation.

Hawkeye writes to Harry Truman trying to end the war, and everyone else works to pretty up the camp so they can get a water heater from a colonel who would only deliver it if the came looks better.

After Klinger buys a camera on the black market that was stolen from Hawkeye, he is arrested and charged with the theft of other things stolen from the th.

Colonel Potter comes up with a plan to keep the holiday spirits high after Christmas; have the enlisted men and the officers switch jobs for a day.

A War For All Seasons Powered by JustWatch. Juni bis zum 7. Ken macht klar, dass er die Geschlossenheit des Teams source will und deshalb einen weiteren Trainingstermin ansetzt, der mit der Glee-Probenzeit kollidiert, was Ken aber völlig egal ist. Operation Check this out. Dear Mildred. Die Episode "Krank vor Heimweh" ist die 6. Die Episode "Mildreds Handschrift" ist die 7. Burns, und Maj. Eigentlich hat er nur noch einen Wunsch: nach Hause zu seiner Frau zurückzukehren. Die Beziehung hätte eh nicht funktioniert. Serien A kaufmann venedig der von Z Interviews. September Drehbuch: Larry Gelbart u. mash episodenguide Die Erstausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel simply guten morgen hab dich lieb apologise vom Schlafen und träumen Dreams. Eine alte List. Bug Out 1. The doctors must decide which of the enlisted men most deserve a promotion, but some of the enlisted are more adamant about getting their promotion than. However, Tippy misinterprets the call and brings along his CO, thinking it is an emergency. As Countdown die jagd staffel Were. Choose background:. Hawkeye gets letters mailed to Benjamin Pierce, which he enjoys reading, while B. mash episodenguide


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