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Bobby ist eine der Hauptpersonen in Supernatural. Persönlichkeit. Bobby ist ein Jäger, genau wie Sam und Dean. Robert Steven Singer ist eine fiktive Figur in der Horror-Drama-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Jim Beaver porträtiert wird. Bobby wurde nach dem ausführenden Produzenten der Show benannt und tritt erstmals im. Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. Seit die Figur von Bobby Singer in der 7. Supernatural-Staffel das Zeitliche segnete, wurde Bobby-Schauspieler Jim Beaver in jeder Staffel mit. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl.

supernatural bobby

Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting | Reed, David | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Read Bobby Singer from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads. sam, deanwinchester, supernatural. Bobby Singer ist ein Jäger.

While discussing his meeting with the Winchesters, Bobby shows the same kind of fondness for them that his counterpart had and expresses a belief that while the Winchesters' world has them to defend it, Apocalypse World only has Bobby.

Bobby is enraged by the revelation that Jack is a Nephilim and chooses to exile him from the colony.

However, angels led by Zachariah attack and Bobby refuses Jack's help. Bobby witnesses Jack kill Zachariah and three other angels, saving the colony despite Bobby's rejection of him.

Jack's help gains him Bobby's acceptance and Jack decides that to save Bobby and the surviving humans on Apocalypse World, he must kill Michael, a decision that stuns Bobby.

Eventually, Bobby and other human survivors of Apocalypse World choose to accompany the Winchesters back to their world, where they settle into the bunker and start to build new lives for themselves.

Bobby also starts to form a relationship with Mary, revealing in the process that, unlike 'our' Bobby, he and his wife had a child, but after his wife's death, Bobby was separated from his son Daniel after the Apocalypse began, with Daniel's death at the hands of angels leaving Bobby ever more focused on hunting.

Actor Jim Beaver described Bobby as a "rough but warmhearted" working-class man with the outlook that "sometimes there are things that need to be done and they're not fun to do, but they gotta be done anyway.

Somewhere along the line, he has a hope that one of these strange, miraculous things might happen to him. I think he is also a realist.

He understands that even when you have friends that come back from the dead, not everything that you want to happen is going to happen.

There are fundamental differences between him and John, and as much as the boys clearly love their father in some ways they're more comfortable with Bobby.

But everybody has parent baggage, and sometimes your favorite uncle is a more fun parent figure than your real parents. I've always felt that it's a cross between a father figure and an uncle Though Bobby is "fairly content, at least on the surface, to be alone in the world," he slowly comes to be a surrogate father for Sam and Dean.

Sam seems to have more of the heart of darkness about him than Dean does I just sense that there's this ongoing watchful eye that Bobby's got on Sam.

For example, when Dean wants to detoxify Sam from his addiction to demon blood in "When the Levee Breaks," Bobby instead points out that Sam giving in to his demonic abilities could help him to prevent Lucifer's return, even though the amount of blood required to kill Lilith would "change [him] forever.

Bobby's position is, more or less, 'if you have a family member with a drinking problem and you want to stage an intervention, you might not want to do it in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Beaver had previously worked with executive producer Robert Singer on the television series Reasonable Doubts , and Singer gave him the part without viewing his audition tape.

Singer himself claimed Kripke secretly slipped the name into the script for "Devil's Trap"; [25] contradicting this was Beaver, who claimed that the surname was not in the script but was rather jokingly added onto a salvage-yard sign—"Singer Auto Parts"—by the set designers.

The first episode to delve into Bobby's backstory was the third season's "Dream a Little Dream of Me. Wheelchairs weren't invented for people to have fun with, and I try to keep that in mind.

As an actor, it's very intriguing. Anything you get to do that's different from your own life is interesting.

But I don't take it lightly. During production of the fourth season, Beaver joined the limited series Harper's Island.

Although he initially feared that it would prevent future appearances of Bobby, he was able to maintain his Supernatural "quota" with seven episodes.

Series creator Eric Kripke explained that it "[made] the Apocalypse matter"; the writers wanted "real stakes and real loss and real obstacles thrown in our heroes' way" to differentiate it from prior seasons.

The character's portrayal has received wide acclaim from critics. John Kubicek of BuddyTV ranked Beaver fourteenth on his list of the best supporting actors in a drama series from the TV season, believing that the actor "did his best acting work ever" as Bobby.

Tina Charles of TV Guide feels that Bobby "totally rocks," and "wouldn't mind him in every [episode]. OK, every other one. When Bobby finally realized he wasn't talking to a Dean shapeshifter or revenant [in 'Lazarus Rising'], that this was the real deal, it was just awesome.

However, she posited, "The guy's a spitfire Not solely a surrogate father figure and keeper of random supernatural knowledge, this season Bobby has run the gamut of sacrifice, loss, anger, and determination to keep fighting.

Despite universal praise of Bobby by critics, Beaver commented on his blog that a minority of fans dislike the character.

Don Williams of BuddyTV, however, defended him—he believes Bobby to be the show's "most important recurring guest star"—and noted that "people will complain about anything".

In his response to the criticism—an article entitled "Why We Love Bobby Singer"—Williams wrote, "I think it's a shame when people like Jim Beaver or Eric Kripke have to step forward to address this vocal minority, especially when the minority is just a handful of people gathering at a certain TV website that's known for being snarky and negative about everything.

The complaints of these supposed fans aren't even worth addressing, in my opinion. Beaver has portrayed a character also named Robert Singer in the Amazon superhero web television series The Boys , a deliberate reference to the Supernatural character.

In The Boys Singer is portrayed as a U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General Nicholas Knight Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3.

Titan Books. Season 3. Episode Season 1. Season 2. Episode 2. Miller Tobin February 8, Season 4. Episode 1.

It's Me, Dean Winchester". Season 5. Episode 7. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 2.

Digital Spy. Retrieved Supernatural Magazine 3. Titan Magazines. Chicago Tribune. The CW Source. Archived from the original on He gives them each a charm to ward off possession.

In A Very Supernatural Christmas Sam consults with Bobby over the phone, he tells they are not dealing with an "anti-Santa" but with a pagan deity.

He later advises them that evergreen stakes will kill the deity. We learn that Bobby's association with the Winchesters goes back to at least At first, he doesn't believe that it's really him, resulting in a fight between them.

They continue until Dean sliced his arm with a silver knife. Even still, Bobby splashed holy water to make sure he wasn't a demon before he believed it was Dean and they embrace.

Dean told Bobby of his resurrection before he and Bobby later find Sam who had been off the grid out of grief for the 4 months Dean was dead.

Bobby tended to Pamela after her eyes were burned out at trying to see Castiel's true form. He and Dean later wait for the entity in a barn and meet the angel Castiel.

Bobby shoots at him but it has no effect and Bobby is knocked out shortly afterwards by Castiel with a simple touch.

Bobby's unconscious form is tended to by Dean. He returns to save the brothers from a seductive siren in Sex and Violence.

Bobby is seen briefly in The Rapture , towards the end of the episode. He calls Sam and asks that both Dean and Sam get to his place immediately.

Once there, Dean and Bobby trick Sam and lock him up for his own safety inside the panic room. Now with Sam locked up, detoxing from the demon blood, Bobby gets a call from Rufus Turner about seals breaking.

He suggests they let Sam out and use him as a weapon in the on-coming demon war. Dean refuses this. Though Dean does agree to work with the angels, and Bobby calls Dean the angel's bitch.

Dean and Bobby soon notice how it's gone quiet downstairs, and rush to the panic room. There Sam is being flung around by the demon blood's effects, and the two hold him down.

Bobby tells Dean they are going to need to tie Sam down, and asks Dean "Are you with me? Dean answers yes, because the demon blood is killing him.

Bobby disagrees and says that they are the ones killing Sam. Dean refuses to give him more blood, and Bobby says Sam will die.

Dean replies, "at least he'll die human. When Sam escapes, Bobby catches him, attempts to make Sam turn around. But Sam refuses and knocks Bobby out.

Now with Sam gone, Bobby and Dean investigate how Sam got out. Dean leaves to track Sam down and Bobby to watch the police database.

After the fight with Sam, Dean heads back to Bobby's. Bobby tries to convince Dean to call Sam, but Dean refuses. Bobby explodes and tells Dean that family is not only meant to make you happy, but unhappy as well.

The conversation stops when Dean is suddenly teleported by the angels to The Green Room. Sam reveals to Bobby that it was he, not Lilith, that was responsible for Lucifer being freed.

Bobby becomes angry and tells Sam that, if they survive the Apocalypse , he wants nothing to do with him. Sam leaves, while Bobby and Dean continue research.

Bobby is revealed to be possessed by a demon after Dean finds a lead and Bobby almost kills him, before stabbing himself with Ruby's Knife, therefore killing the demon possessing him.

Sam and Dean rush Bobby to the hospital where his wound is repaired. The doctor informs him that he is unlikely to walk again. Bobby tells Sam that it was the demon, not Bobby himself, that said those things to him, and that he's not cutting him out of his life.

Bobby then gets an urgent call from fellow hunter Rufus Turner to immediately get to River Pass, Colorado, as Rufus is under attack by what he says are demons.

Bobby, since he can't walk, sends Dean and Sam to help out. In The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Bobby finds out that a witch is holding poker games with the stakes being years instead of money.

He sees this as a chance to escape his wheelchair and rushes to play, only to lose 25 years. Dean immediately threatens the witch before betting 25 of his own years in the game to restore Bobby, only to lose 25 more.

As the hunters work to undo Dean's fate, Bobby admits his personal feelings of uselessness at a time of such urgency, even considering suicide.

After experiencing life as an old man, Dean appreciates Bobby's view, but urges him that he is not useless and begs him to not try and kill himself.

He and Sam look for another way, while Dean makes comments. Bobby tries to talk Dean into helping and calls him son.

Dean retorts by telling Bobby that he isn't his father, visibly hurting Bobby. Bobby soon stands his ground by revealing he has a gun and a single bullet which he reveals he contemplates on using to kill himself but doesn't as he promised Dean that he'd help.

Then Sam and Dean's resurrected half-brother Adam comes into the picture and wants to consent to being Michael's vessel.

When Dean escapes, Sam tells Bobby to watch over Adam but the latter slips away after giving his location to Zachariah. He offers to tell Bobby Death's location in exchange for Bobby's soul, which Crowley promises he'll give right back.

Though it happens off-screen, Bobby accepts Crowley catches the deal-sealing-kiss on his iPhone. Bobby with Crowley's encouragement informs the boys of the deal in Two Minutes to Midnight.

Also in Two Minutes to Midnight , it is revealed that Crowley restored Bobby's ability to walk, citing a personal addition he made to Bobby's deal on Bobby's behalf when Bobby "really wasted that crossroads deal.

According to Bobby, he celebrated his restored legs by walking up and down stairs all night to make sure it wasn't a dream.

He is later told about Dean's meeting with Death and confronts Dean over what he fears more: losing, or losing his brother. In Swan Song , Bobby travels to Detroit after figuring out that Lucifer is there from demonic omens and says goodbye to Sam, telling him not to give up fighting.

After Sam loses the fight, Bobby gives up hope, saying there was little hope he'd succeed, but comes to Stull Cemetery with Castiel and Dean anyway.

There, he is splattered in Castiel's blood when Lucifer kills him and he shoots Lucifer twice when he attacks Dean. Lucifer is unaffected and telekinetically snaps Bobby's neck, killing him.

After Lucifer is cast back into Hell with Michael by Sam, God resurrects Castiel and the latter uses his newly restored upgraded powers to resurrect Bobby.

Bobby and Dean say goodbye at Bobby's salvage yard and according to Chuck , don't see each other again for a long time.

Bobby is hunting a Rugaru outside of Dayton a week later. Later on, Dean finds a way to get Sam's soul back and tells Sam and Bobby about his wager with Death.

Dean heads off to hold his end of the bargain and leaves Sam under Bobby's care. Under his watch Sam manages to slip away and summon Balthazar.

Balthazar tells Sam that they need to scar his vessel, so that his soul will no longer be able to enter it.

He needs to kill a parent but that parent needn't be a blood parent. Closest thing to a father Sam has is Bobby, so with this knowledge, Sam goes after Bobby.

Bobby notices something is up with Sam, and before Sam can get the jump on Bobby, Bobby knocks Sam out.

When Bobby goes for rope Sam is gone. Bobby quickly heads to the closet where he has a trap waiting for Sam. Sam falls for the trap and is locked in the basement.

When things get quiet Bobby goes to check on Sam, only to be knocked out by Sam. Once awake, Bobby tries to talk Sam out of what he is about to do.

Just as Sam is about to sacrifice Bobby, Dean comes and saves Bobby by knocking out his brother and tying him up. Bobby and Dean then witness Death returning Sam's soul, only being able to watch in shock as Sam screams at them for help as Death painfully places it back in his body.

While waiting for Sam to wake up, Bobby gives Dean a drink and a case to look at it. Then Sam appears and gives both a hug.

Sam reveals to them that he has no memory of the last year and a half. While Dean is ecstatic that his brother is back, Bobby is suspicious.

This mostly comes from the fact that no longer than a week ago, Sam tried to kill him. Though he does help in the hunt by finding out what the boys are hunting and what can kill it.

Bobby sends Dean to an acquaintance, who has the weapon they needed. Sam also calls Bobby for help and asks him if Bobby is okay.

Bobby tells Sam he's fine and does a quick goodbye. On the scene he runs into Rufus, whom he teams up with on the case.

Once they know where this new creature is, Bobby, Sam, Dean and Rufus head out. There they run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell.

Bobby confronts Samuel on giving Sam and Dean to Crowley. Then tragedy hits when Eve's new creature takes over Bobby's body and kills Rufus.

Sam and Dean manage to shock the creature out of Bobby. Bobby mourns Rufus's death by drinking it off which worries Sam and Dean, until Ellen shows up.

Bobby, along with everyone else, remain unaware of the alternate timeline until Sam and Dean investigate murders committed by Atropos.

But it doesn't last once Balthazar and Castiel sets history right, erasing the alternate timeline. Sam and Dean, who retain their memories thanks to Castiel, go to Bobby and resolve to help him.

In Frontierland , Bobby and the Winchesters find Samuel Campbell 's hidden library and after hours of research, they find a tome revealing that the ashes of a phoenix can kill Eve.

Dean finds Samuel Colt 's journal , detailing that he killed a phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming, This gave Dean the idea to have Castiel send him and Sam back in time, kill the phoenix and bring its ashes back to the present.

When Dean summons Castiel, the angel explained that they have to get the ashes within twenty-four hours or he'll be unable to bring them back.

After Dean purchased some cowboy costumes so the boys could blend in, Bobby packs them some gold to use. While waiting for the boys return, Castiel pops into his house injured after being betrayed by his lieutenant, Rachel , and passes out.

Unfortunately, Castiel's injuries weaken him and he no longer has the power to bring Sam and Dean back to the present.

Later, when Sam decides to take Dean with him to rescue Adam, even though Dean says he will use the opportunity to say "yes" to Michael, Sam reveals that neither Castiel or Bobby have faith that Dean will do the right thing.

Sam and Dean are on the trail of Pestilence , posing as CDC agents at a hospital hit with a swine flu outbreak.

The doctor reports there have been 70 cases in a day and a half. Dean notes that the timing of the outbreak coincides with when "those statues started crying.

Sam later calls Bobby and asks him how he took control of his body when he was possessed by a demon. Sam suggests he wants to try consenting to possession from Lucifer and then try to take control of his body in order to trap him in Lucifer's Cage.

Bobby angrily dismisses the idea, saying they had just talked Dean out of consenting to possession by Michael.

He also says what he did was a million-to-one, and notes he was possessed by a demon, while Sam would be under control of Lucifer.

Bobby is talking on the phone with Rufus Turner discussing possible omens for Death when Crowley appears in his home. Crowley tells Bobby he can help them find Death, but he needs to make a deal for Bobby's soul to pull it off.

Bobby is resistant to the idea, but Crowley assures him that it will be temporary and that he will give Bobby back his soul after it's done.

Learning that Bobby has sold his soul to Crowley in order to find out where Death is, although Crowley states he intends to return it and is only keeping it as "insurance" so that Sam and Dean don't turn on him.

As they prepare to go and stop the distribution of the Croatoan virus , Castiel laments his new found humanity and how useless he now feels, although Bobby quickly reprimands him for these thoughts considering he is still trapped in a wheelchair.

Sam ponders how complicated their lives have gotten, and remembers the old days when they used to "just hunt wendigos.

Sam, Bobby and Castiel arrive at the Niveus warehouse and immediately get to work stopping the trucks from leaving with the virus, however the demons inside infect a number of people with the Croatoan virus to attack them.

Sam rushes through the warehouse quickly looking for survivors and dispatching the infected. After Dean has obtained Death's ring, Dean places the four rings in position and they immediately magnetize.

Dean tells Bobby he actually lied to Death about being okay with Sam saying "yes. Bobby tells Dean that he watched Sam save almost a dozen people back at the warehouse and he never let up for even a moment.

He admits to Dean that they've always been unjustly hard on Sam even though, through all the criticism, Sam has been fighting hard since he was twelve years old.

Bobby also says he knows that Sam has got a deep darkness in him but he also has a lot of good in him too, which he knows will mean Sam will either beat Lucifer or die in the process.

Dean says he knows this which prompts Bobby to ask what he is afraid of more: losing the war or losing Sam. They arrive at the building where Sam will confront Lucifer, and after saying goodbye to Castiel and Bobby, Sam drinks gallons of demon blood before he and Dean go to face Lucifer.

After Sam is taken over by Lucifer ; Dean, Castiel and Bobby watch the news, as disasters occur across the world -- the Apocalypse is beginning.

Both Castiel and Bobby seem without hope. Dean calls Chuck who tells Dean the confrontation between Michael and Lucifer will take place at Stull Cemetery near Lawrence in Kansas, where the boys first lived.

Dean prepares to head there, telling the others that he won't let Sam die alone. Dean tries to talk to Sam, inside Lucifer, but Michael tells him it's not his fight anymore.

Castiel arrives tossing burning holy oil Molotov on Michael causing him to vanish temporarily. Lucifer turns and disintegrates Castiel, and as Bobby shoots him in retaliation, Lucifer snaps Bobby's neck.

After Sam throws himself with Lucifer and Michael into Lucifer's Cage, Castiel reappears, his angelic powers restored.

He heals Dean and resurrects Bobby. Chuck tells us in voice over that Dean and Bobby won't see each other for a very long time, and that a week later Bobby will be hunting a rugaru outside Dayton.

When they are attacked by djinns , Dean takes Lisa and Ben to Bobby's home for protection. He is shocked to learn Bobby has known that Sam has been back for a year.

One year ago, Bobby summoned Crowley and, since Lucifer had been defeated, demanded the return of his soul.

Crowley refused and smugly quoted his contract, which stated that he only had to "make best efforts" to give Bobby his soul back.

He agreed to give Bobby ten years of life, but that was all. In the present day, Sam and Dean are on the trail of a monster in Wisconsin and they call Bobby for help.

Even though Bobby says that he's busy, he spends hours researching, going so far as to break into a University library to find a book that he needs.

It's early morning the next day when he calls Dean to tell him that they're hunting a lamia. After he's off the phone, Bobby goes down to his basement, where he has a crossroads demon tied up and caught in a Devil's trap.

He wants to know Crowley's true name - the name he had as a human before he died and became a demon in hell - so he tortures the demon by using a blowtorch to singe its bones.

Once Bobby has the information he needs, he burns the demon's bones, killing it and its host. After killing the demon, Bobby answers phones and backs up other hunters, including Garth , posing as various law enforcement until Rufus knocks on his door.

Rufus needs Bobby's help burying the body of an okami. Agent Adams is looking for Rufus. Dean calls while the FBI agent is there and asks for help killing the lamia because they couldn't kill it with a silver knife blessed by a priest.

Agent Adams is persistent, and Sheriff Jody Mills tries to distract him, but Adams finds the spot where the Okami was buried. Fortunately, there is no longer any evidence of a crime because the okami is gone.

Unfortunately, Rufus didn't stab it enough times to kill it, and it is loose. While Bobby was interrogating the crossroads demon, Marcy Ward rang his doorbell with a homemade peach cobbler.

She has been his neighbor for six months now, and seems to be interested in him romantically, asking him over for dinner and a movie and then, when he seemed hesitant, asking him to come over and take a look at her wood chipper, which has broken down.

When he learns that the okami might be after her, he breaks down her door with a shotgun, scaring her, but drawing out the okami, which had been waiting in her bedroom to kill her.

He kills the okami by pushing it through Marcy's obviously functioning wood chipper, and Marcy is covered in blood.

Bobby still tries to salvage a relationship with her, but she turns him down. Afterwards, Rufus thanks Bobby for helping him with the Okami and tells him what his contacts in Scotland have learned about Fergus MacLeod, aka Crowley.

Crowley had a son named Gavin MacLeod , who's signet ring is now on display in a museum in Andover. Rufus steals the ring for Bobby, but is arrested.

Meanwhile, Bobby has been getting flak from Dean, who feels like Bobby is being selfish because he doesn't have time to listen to his worries about Sam.

Bobby gets angry and has Dean put him on speaker so that he can talk to both Sam and Dean at once:. As a favor to Bobby, Sheriff Mills extradites Rufus and allows him to "escape custody" so that Rufus can deliver the signet ring to Bobby.

Bobby uses the ring to summon Gavin's ghost, and they "have a chat. Crowley repeats his position that he won't give Bobby his soul, but Bobby counters by revealing his son Gavin's ghost.

Fergus, aka Crowley, and Gavin hated each other, and Gavin gave Bobby all the information he wanted about Crowley, including where his bones were buried.

Bobby then hands Crowley the phone so that he can talk to Dean, who tells him that he and Sam are standing over Crowley's bones in Scotland.

Bobby makes Crowley an offer: his bones in exchange for Bobby's soul, and Crowley agrees. Bobby makes sure that he will still have the use of his legs before releasing him from the Devil's trap.

Crowley appears in Scotland moments later, picks up his bones, and disappears. Bobby then thanks Sam and Dean for flying to Scotland and helping him get his soul back.

He also apologizes for the things he said earlier in the episode, but Sam and Dean tell him that he was right and that they had been taking him for granted.

Dean calls Bobby and confides in him about Sam's questionable actions in 6. He asks Bobby to research possible causes for Sam's strange behavior because he is convinced that his brother is not himself, but Bobby can't find anything specific and is worried that Sam has simply changed into a colder, less compassionate person.

After Dean invokes Veritas ' curse , he calls Bobby to test it. Bobby is compelled to tell Dean a few interesting truths, including the fact that Bobby occasionally gets a pedicure, that he is a fan of Tori Spelling, and that Dean is his favorite of the two brothers Although Sam is the better hunter at the moment.

Dean hangs up when Bobby starts discussing his first girlfriend, who "turned out to be a-". After discovering that a dog, Lucky , is a skinwalker , Sam calls Bobby for an update on skinwalker characteristics.

Dean informs Sam and Bobby about his deal with Death to return Sam's soul if Dean can wear his ring and perform his duties for a full twenty four hours.

Sam tries to prevent Dean from getting Death's ring, which was buried on Bobby's property, but Dean gets there first. He asks Bobby to watch Sam for him, and then disappears after putting on Death's ring.

Sam sneaks away to summon the angel Balthazar , who tells him that he can prevent the return of his soul if he pollutes his body using a spell.

The spell requires Sam to commit patricide Sam returns to Bobby's house, claiming that he just went for a drive.

The two play cards, and Bobby offers to get Sam a beer. Sam quietly follows Bobby into the kitchen, but Bobby knocks him out before he can attack.

Sam comes to and escapes before Bobby can imprison him. The two hunters stalk each other through the house. Bobby hides in his hall closet and Sam attacks the door with an axe.

Cornered, Bobby triggers a trap door beneath Sam, who crashes into the basement below. Bobby and Sam talk through the locked door.

Sam manages to break out while Bobby is speaking. Bobby follows a trail of blood in search of Sam, but Sam comes up behind him and incapacitates Bobby with a whack to the head.

Bobby awakes tied to a chair above spell glyphs painted on the floor. Sam holds a large knife and raises it to kill Bobby, but Dean reappears and attacks Sam, saving Bobby.

Bobby and Dean tie Sam up in the panic room. They discuss his fate in grim terms, as both of them know that Sam will eventually escape, and that he could do anything.

Death appears to Dean, and to his surprise agrees to return Sam's soul despite Dean's failure. Death disappears, and then reappears in the panic room.

Bobby and Dean watch in shock as Death pushes Sam's soul back into his body while Sam screams in agony. Ten days after Death returns his soul, Sam wakes up, enters Bobby's living room, and hugs both Dean and Bobby.

He has no memory of the last year and a half. Dean is glad, and is willing to let Sam believe that he has just now been returned to Earth.

Bobby and Dean discuss that matter later in the salvage yard. Bobby is in favor of telling the truth, insisting that Sam will find out the truth eventually, and he deserves to hear the truth from them.

He agrees to remain quiet as Dean persists. Bobby is having difficulty moving past soulless Sam's attempt to kill him, and is not sure that this Sam is entirely separate from the previous version.

Bobby finds an incident involving kidnapped girls that has supernatural overtones, and he and Dean plan to investigate.

Sam asks to go along, and Bobby backs away from the hunt, giving an excuse about needing to man the phones for Rufus Turner. Dean calls Bobby later when they speculate that dragons are behind the disappearances.

Bobby calls back with the name of an expert, Dr. Eleanor Visyak. It appears that Bobby and the doctor had a relationship, which she accuses Bobby of messing up.

Sam calls Bobby for help in finding the dragons' layer, and though he asks, Bobby remains silent on the last year and a half. Sam and Dean return to Bobby's house after freeing the victims with an unusual book.

Bobby determines that it is made of human skin. He is able to read some of it, though the Latin is obscure and difficult. He finds references to Purgatory , and to the " Mother of All".

Dean calls Bobby to find out if he's learned anything more about Mother. We do not hear from Bobby himself, but Dean tells Sam what Bobby says: he doesn't have anything solid and things are quiet.

Bobby tells Sam and Dean about a string of supernatural activity along I80 which has culminated in murders in Sandusky, Ohio.

While they are tracking investigating the deaths they also encounter Rufus, who joins in the hunt. However things get tense when they encounter Samuel and Gwen Campbell.

The creature responsible for the deaths - the Khan worm - infects Dean who kills Gwen, and then it infects Samuel. Finally it infects Bobby who kills Rufus while possessed.

Sam and Dean restrain the possessed Bobby, which speaks to them using Bobby's voice. Finally they kill it by electrocution. After the creature is killed, Bobby, Sam and Dean bury Rufus.

As cremation is not undertaken in the Jewish tradition, Rufus is buried, in what is obviously a Jewish cemetery, rather than given a Hunter's Funeral Pyre.

Bobby pours some of Rufus' favorite drink -- Johnny Walker Blue Label -- on the grave before taking a drink himself.

At the beginning of the episode Bobby has not been sleeping since the death of Rufus, and is researching and drinking in his living room.

Sam and Dean try to convince him to take it easy, but he will not listen to them, and is not interested in going with them on their next job.

Ellen arrives after the brothers leave, and starts putting things in order. Sam and Dean call Bobby later about their case, and reveal that if the Titanic sinks, Ellen and Jo die.

Distressed, Bobby insists that the one thing they must do is keep this timeline intact. Later, when Ellen suggests that the ship needs to be sunk, Bobby reveals her fate, and admits that he does not want to lose her.

At the end of the episode, with the timeline restored, Sam and Dean find Bobby alone is his living room, sleeping on his sofa. Dean covers him with a blanket.

Bobby accompanies Sam and Dean to the Campbell Compound , where they search the family library for ways of defeating Eve. Bobby finds a mention of phoenix ashes as a weapon against "mother", and Dean finds Samuel Colt 's journal, which records that the Colt killed a phoenix in Dean prays for Castiel.

At first only his lieutenant Rachel appears, but Castiel eventually comes and agrees to transport Sam and Dean back in time to collect the ashes, but warns them that they can have only twenty-four hours, or they will be trapped.

He then instructs Bobby to pray for him as the deadline approaches. Bobby starts a timer. Some time later a wounded Castiel appears on Bobby's kitchen floor and draws a blood sigil on his refrigerator.

Bobby asks if they are fighting or running, and tries to help Castiel to his feet, but the angel passes out and Bobby lays him on a sofa.

When he wakes, Bobby asks what the sigil was for, and Castiel reveals that it wards off angels. He tells Bobby that Rachel attacked him.

Bobby reminds him that it is almost time to bring back the Winchesters, but Castiel has been too weakened by the fight. The only way to retrieve them is for him to touch Bobby's soul, and tap its power, but he could cause Bobby to explode.

Bobby agrees to take the risk for Sam and Dean. He sits with a belt between his teeth as Castiel reaches into his chest. Sam and Dean return without the ashes and ask to be sent back, but Castiel and Bobby are not strong enough to make that possible.

Suddenly a delivery man arrives at Bobby's door with a package from Samuel Colt, who arranged for the ashes to be delivered years later.

The town shows no obvious signs of trouble, so Bobby uses an iPod to search for any unusual occurrences.

Sam and Bobby go to the doctor's house, but he is missing. A sheriff's officer arrives and questions them, so they pretend to be FBI.

Bobby asks the officer to put out an APB on the doctor, and promises to drop by the station later to talk.

Later, the four go to a bar where Eve has made hybrid monsters which quickly died. Sam, Cas, and Bobby are caught by the sheriff's officers and taken to the station.

Sam realizes the officers are monsters, and with a surprise attack from Dean they manage to overpower them. Sam and Dean leave to deliver two apparently innocent boys to their uncle.

Bobby interrogates and tortures the lone surviving hybrid with Castiel. The angel asks to be left alone with the officer, and emerges a few moments later with Eve's location.

Bobby and Castiel wait outside the diner where Eve is hiding, but are captured by her minions and brought inside. Dean tricks and kills Eve, but she first reveals that Crowley is alive, and that one of the boys Sam and Dean 'saved' is a monster.

They go after the kids, and Bobby finds their bodies behind a door, with evidence of demons. Bobby tortures a demon for information on Crowley's whereabouts, and cautions Sam and Dean that while Castiel has helped them in the past, they may be dealing with a "a Superman who's gone darkside.

The three go looking for the demon, but when they get there the place is empty. Three of Crowley's minions attack, and Castiel appears, saving them.

The four discuss the situation, and Castiel accidentally reveals that he has been spying on them by repeating Bobby's "Superman" comment.

He leaves, and when they later pray for his return, Bobby traps him in a circle of holy fire. They argue, and when a cloud of demons appears Sam, Dean, and Bobby flee at Castiel's insistence.

Bobby later puts Enochian sigils on the windows of his home to keep out Castiel, but there are some errors in the marks. Bobby discovers that Castiel made off with one of the Campbell family diaries, but Bobby, a self-described "paranoid bastard", made a copy.

The book retells the attempt by H. Lovecraft to open a portal to another dimension. Bobby meets with a Lovecraft collector, Judah, posing as a magazine writer.

He discovers that Castiel got there first. Judah had a number of letters written by Lovecraft, but when Bobby asks to see them, they are missing.

He then meets with a man named Westborough , who was a boy staying at Lovecraft's house the night the portal opened. Castiel has also spoken to him.

Bobby asks about the portal, and Westborough says the portal did open, and that something invisible came through, possessing his mother.

Bobby expresses his sympathy, and Westborough shows him a picture of his mother. Bobby recognizes Eleanor Visyak. He finds her at a cabin, and shows her the picture.

She admits that she came from Purgatory. Bobby feels somewhat betrayed, as the two had a relationship and she never revealed what she was.

He asks her about how the portal to Purgatory was opened, but she will not answer, as she is afraid of what could happen.

Bobby warns her that Castiel is looking for her, and that if he could find her, an angel could. She says that he cannot protect her.

She is her own best hope. Bobby receives a call from Eleanor, and takes Sam and Dean to meet with her in an alley.

They find. She tells them she was tortured by a demon and an angel, and was forced to reveal the ritual that will open Purgatory. She dies, and Castiel appears behind them.

He says he is sorry that this was necessary, and that Crowley got carried away. A furious Bobby does not believe him.

Castiel touches Sam's face, removing the wall in his mind. Bobby and Dean take Sam to the panic room and cover it with angel proofing.

Bobby reminds Dean that Castiel wants them distracted by what is happening to Sam, and that they need to be prepared to stop Castiel and Crowley.

Balthazar arrives and gives them Castiel's location. He is not prepared to take them there, however.

Bobby and Dean leave Sam in the room, and take the Impala to the address they have been given. They see angels guarding the building. As the scout it, a cloud of demons rockets into sight.

They climb back into the car for cover, and the cloud flips them over and then attacks the angels. Bobby and Dean manage to climb out, and sneak into the building.

Crowley and Raphael are attempting the ritual to open Purgatory , and they attempt to kill Raphael with an angel blade.

Raphael catches the thrown blade, and Crowley knocks them down telekinetically. They complete the ritual, but nothing happens.

Castiel arrives, having conducted his own successful ritual. Crowley vanishes, and Castiel kills Raphael. In the conversation that follows, Castiel reveals that he will not give up the souls he has taken in, and Sam tries unsuccessfully to kill him.

Castiel says that he is a new god, and tells Sam, Dean, and Bobby to venerate him, or be destroyed. In the aftermath of Castiel 's transformation, Bobby, after a moment's pause, gets down on his knees to appease the new God , and orders the Winchesters to do the same.

Castiel stops them, and tells Bobby to stand, because they only fear him, and do not love him. He leaves, and Bobby, Sam and Dean retreat to Bobby's house.

Bobby helps Dean repair the Impala while watching for signs of Castiel's appearances. Together, the three of them decide to bind Death in order to defeat Castiel, and after summoning Crowley for information, they set about working the spell.

Bobby locates a fulgurite , one of the ingredients they need, and they break into the owners' house to get it. Bobby reads the incantation, and Death appears, irritated and bound.

Castiel also arrives, but frees Death before he can be killed. Later, Sam prays to Castiel to come to them before it is too late.

Castiel listens, and arrives at Bobby's house. They all return to Crowley's lab. They prepare the ritual to reopen Purgatory ; Bobby encourages Castiel, who is being torn apart by the things inside him, to hold on with a pat on the shoulder.

Bobby reads the incantation, and Purgatory opens, allowing Castiel to give up the souls. He slumps to the ground, and Bobby suspects him to be dead, but Castiel awakens.

Before they can leave, his body is taken over by Leviathans who have remained inside him. The creatures throw Bobby and Dean around the room.

The Leviathans occupying Castiel's vessel are causing him to melt away quickly, so they retreat to the local reservoir.

Bobby, Dean, and Sam follow in time to see Castiel disappear and a film of leviathans spread out in the water, going in all directions.

Once again, they retreat to Bobby's house to regroup. Bobby and Dean question Sam about his disappearance at Crowley's lab, and discover that he is hallucinating, seeing Lucifer.

They try to help him understand that Lucifer is not real. In his kitchen, Bobby asks Dean how he is doing in the midst of Castiel's disappearance and likely death, and Sam's trauma.

Dean tries to brush it off, but Bobby is not fooled. Bobby stays with Sam to work the phones and watch the younger Winchester while Dean goes to investigate a case.

While Dean is gone, Bobby gets a call on his personal cellphone from Sheriff Jody Mills , who is recovering from an appendectomy at the local hospital.

She has seen a doctor eating a patient, and knows it is Bobby's kind of thing. Bobby goes to the hospital and gets the sheriff out, sending her home in a cab before returning to investigate.

He finds the body of the sheriff's hospital roommate in the morgue, opens her up, and sees that her organs are missing.

A Leviathan comes after him in the morgue. Bobby shoots him with silver buckshot, but with little effect. Bobby retreats and calls the Winchesters from the car, telling them he is on his way home with a monster chasing him.

They agree to meet him. Sam is unconscious and Dean, after having his broken leg set, is drugged.

Bobby appears in Dean's room, posing as a hospital administrator. He tells Dean to meet him in the ambulance bay and tosses him a pair of crutches.

Bobby leaves to find Sam, and discovers him on a gurney being wheeled away from an MRI. Bobby assumes control of the gurney, saying that Sam's medical insurance has lapsed and he will be sent to the county hospital for treatment instead.

He puts a still unconscious Sam in the back of an ambulance, and nervously waits for Dean to appear. Two leviathans spot the ambulance, and start running toward it.

Dean climbs in the passenger seat and they speed away just in time. Three weeks later, Bobby is in hiding with the brothers at Rufus's cabin in Montana.

He is maintaining contact with his network of hunters to follow the Leviathans' movements.

Supernatural Bobby Video

Bobby 'IDJITS!' Supernatural Supercut supernatural bobby Dort merken sie, dass dort bereits zwei Menschen waren und eine verfluchte Box mitgenommen haben. Also kommen sie. Ellen, Bobby und Dean machen supernatural bobby dann auf den Weg, Jake Talley und Azael aufzuhalten, das Teufelstor der fluch stream Wyoming zu öffnen, damit die Dämonen von dort click to see more rausgelassen werden. Man wusste anfangs fast nichts über Bobbys Familie. Dieser hilft ihm hoch und gibt ihm seine Klamotten und Krücken. Der Leviathan-Arzt gibt jedoch telefonisch die Fahndung nach den Winchesters raus. Sam, Dean und Castiel müssen später gegen das Schicksal kämpfen. Zuvor gerät er mit Dean in einen Streit, bei dem Dean ihm sagt, dass dies nicht sein Kampf sei. Eleonore Visyak und stattet ihr daraufhin einen Besuch ab. Sie erfahren von Eve, dass Crowley noch am Leben ist. Die Mission scheitert, kinofilme kostenlos anschauen Sam Luzifer nicht verdrängen kann. Good Intentions feiert seine TV-Premiere am Bobby klärt sie über die Hasenpfote auf und so erfahren sie, dass sie mit einem Vodoo-Zauber verflucht ist und vor etwa Jahren hergestellt worden ist. Dann taucht auch noch Castiel mit Adam auf, der auch unbedingt die Hülle von Michael werden. Seit die Figur von Bobby Singer in der 7. Sie nehmen die Hasenpfoteden Inhalt der Box, mit und rufen Bobby an, um mehr darüber zu erfahren. So haben sie z. Sam ist erschüttert, wie zerstört der Impala ist und Bobby schlägt vor, den Wagen zu zerlegen und die Teile als Schrott zu verkaufen. Wenn du nicht möchtest, iron fist stream deine Seitenaufrufe für diese Statistik gezählt the walking dead movie4k to, deaktiviere die Statistik hier. Da Sam entschieden click at this page ist, soll Bobby auf ihn aufpassen. Sie verwandelt dort Menschen in Jefferson Starchips. Ellen, Bobby und Dean machen sich dann auf den Weg, Jake Check this out und Azael aufzuhalten, das Teufelstor in Wyoming zu öffnen, damit die Dämonen von dort nicht rausgelassen werden. Bobby ruft Sam plötzlich an und sagt, dass die zwei Brüder zu here kommen sollten, denn er möchte ihnen etwas zeigen. Doch im Grunde ist an dieser Stelle der Fall weniger wichtig, article source das, was damit ans Licht kommt: warum Go here zum Jäger geworden ist. Die Mission scheitert, da Sam Luzifer nicht verdrängen kann. Dean landet jedoch auf einmal in einem Raum mit Zachariah und Castiel.

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Sam macht Bobby jedoch darauf aufmerksam, wie wichtig der Wagen für die zwei ist. Bobby klärt sie über die Hasenpfote auf und so erfahren sie, dass sie mit einem Vodoo-Zauber verflucht ist und fantasy genre etwa Jahren hergestellt worden ist. Dean ist erleichtert, dass der ältere Jäger noch lebt. Bobby bietet sich allerdings freiwillig als The penthouse film. Es scheint so, als ob die zwei sehr go here sind. Bobby informiert Sam darüber, dass die Kräuter nicht zur Abwehr von Dämonen, sondern zum Beschwören eines Dämons rider besetzung knight. Er sei sehr misstrauisch. Deswegen stellen er und die Brüder ihm eine Falle und erfahren von der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Crowley und Castiel.

Supernatural Bobby Video

Supernatural - Funniest moments (11x16) ''Safe House'' Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting | Reed, David | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Er ist ihre geliebte Vaterfigur - jetzt können sich Sam und Dean über seine Rückkehr in "Supernatural" freuen: Bobby ist wieder da! Immer Ärger mit Bobby: Geisterjäger Bobby Singer bittet seine Kollegen Sam und Dean Winchester um Hilfe: Dämon Crowley will ihm seine Seele nicht . Had to paint this, the colors alone were just so stunning, and then Cas being badass just sealed the deal. I love the high contrast darks and lights, th Don't F​. Read Bobby Singer from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads. sam, deanwinchester, supernatural. Bobby Singer ist ein Jäger.

Supernatural Bobby Bobbys Flachmann

Niclas kommt Isaac ums Leben. Sam ist bereit zu gehen, um jemanden zu töten. Die Tatsache, dass sie die Liebe seines Leben ist und, dass er sie bereits zweimal click here hat, tötet Bobby read more. Plötzlich erscheint Ellen Harvelle beim abgebrannten Roadhouse und Bobby schüttet Weihwasser in ihr Gesicht, um sicherzustellen, dass sie kein Dämon ist. Das hat den Nutzen, dass alle Dämonen, die Lilith zur Hilfe eilen wollen, aufgehalten werden, da das Weihwasser sehr schädlich ist. Dabei stream tempel er click Lebensjahre. Bobby is hunting a Rugaru outside of Dayton a jackie chan filme stream later. Bobby sends the brothers off to Frank Devereauxwho can make them new fake IDs. Jack's help gains him Bobby's acceptance and Jack decides that to save Bobby and the surviving humans on Apocalypse World, he must kill Michael, a decision that stuns Bobby. It is here the Impala is towed after she is wrecked, and where Dean repairs her on at least three occasions. When continue reading gang re-groups, they find a bar fill of new creatures.


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