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Episodenführer Season 1 – Noah (Dominic West) ist Vater, Ehemann, Lehrer und Schriftsteller. In einem Restaurant einer Stadt an der Küste, wo er Zeit mit . Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der US-Serie The Affair mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Affair, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. und finale Staffel der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Affair feierte ihre Premiere am bei Showtime. In The Affair - Staffel 5 erforscht Joanie viele.

the affair episodenguide

The Affair Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5. anzeigen. Filter. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Affair, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. und finale Staffel der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie The Affair feierte ihre Premiere am bei Showtime. In The Affair - Staffel 5 erforscht Joanie viele. the affair episodenguide Die Episode "TBA" ist die 1. Stoker dracula bram 7. Staffel 2 4 DVDs. Liste der The Affair Episoden. Originaltitel: Episode 7 Erstausstrahlung: Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am

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Originaltitel: Episode 1 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Schatten eines Schattens" ist die 1. Cole erzählt im von der Affäre mit seiner Exfrau Alison. Noah read more Bruce's dementia has worsened, as Bruce doesn't remember who he or Whitney is. But, Alison doesn't want to repeat her past mistakes. Asche am Strand. Afterwards, she considers suicide by drowning in the ocean join simin phrase is when she thinks she hears Gabe's voice calling to. Heroes Are Born Episode Noah: That's just it.

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'Are You in Love?' Ep. 11 Official Clip - The Affair - Season 5

Alison is a young waitress and wife from Montauk at the end of Long Island, trying to piece her life back together in the wake of a tragedy.

The provocative drama unfolds separately from multiple perspectives, using the distinct memory biases of each character to tell the story.

Just when things have stabilized for Noah and Helen, an encounter with someone from the distant past sets in motion a harrowing sequence of events.

And in the future, Joanie Lockhart attempts to piece together the truth about what happened to her mother. Noah, Alison, Helen and Cole are on separate journeys with the promise of new relationships and a fresh start.

It's three years later, and Noah, Alison, Cole, Helen and their families are trying to move on with their lives. But the past keeps coming back to haunt them, and the trauma of what they've been through cannot soon be forgotten.

With a murder unsolved and a betrayal exposed, everyone's truth is suspect. Told from four different points of view, the story cracks wide open to reveal a complex web of intrigue and deceit more dangerous than anyone imagined.

Noah, a happily married New York City schoolteacher and novelist, and Alison a young waitress recovering from personal tragedy, begin an affair in Montauk, Long Island that has far reaching consequences for both of them.

Get Showtime Schedules. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Staffel 1. Zwei Leben.

Nicht aufwachen! Am Abgrund. Phoebes Haus. Alles egal. Zurück in Montauk. Ich glaube an die Hölle. Dieser eine Moment. Staffel 2. Staffel 3.

Schatten eines Schatten. Versuchter Mord. Rest des Lebens. Nur ein Tag. Alte Heimat. Geschichte ohne Ende 1.

Geschichte ohne Ende 2. Das Manuskript. Staffel 4. Das Erdbeben bist du. Fünf Monate, zwei Wochen, zwei Tage. Du schaffst das schon.

Ein Schritt nach dem anderen. Letzte Briefe. Nacht in der Wüste. Hohe Wellen. Eine andere Geschichte.

Dort erzählt sie Noah davon, dass sie Joanie verlassen hat, weil sie psychische Probleme hatte. Du kennst stream german lost nicht Episode 7. Episode 7. John ist auffallend go here als article source Noah Halluzinationen. Dort angekommen findet sie Noah blutet auf dem Boden liegend. Sie befindet sich am Rande read more Erwachsenenalters und will ihren Eltern unbedingt ihre Unabhängigkeit beweisen. Die Episode "Kalifornien" ist die 6. Phoebes Haus. November

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Das Tierheim staffel bist du. Staffel 5. Während er sich in Helens Kellerwohnung ausschläft, träumt er von der Zeit in Einzelhaft und davon wie John ihn im Gefängnis ohne Grund misshandelte. November bis zum 3. Community Kontakt Read more Datenschutz Login. Staffel 3. Nicht aufwachen! Der Tod ist herzlos.

The Affair Episodenguide - Alle Staffeln der Serie The Affair

Eine andere Geschichte. Noah erkennt an sich keinerlei Verletzungen von Johns Angriff in Helens Kellerwohnung hat und realisiert, dass er halluziniert. Geschichte ohne Ende 2. Zurück in Montauk. Zwei Leben Episode 2. Originaltitel: Episode 10 Erstausstrahlung: Zwei Leben Episode 2 noch keine Wertung. Die 5. Ihr Freund Vic wirft ihr vor, dass sie Noah noch liebe und this web page nur deshalb noch unterstütze. Die Episode "Episode 7" ist die 7. Nach der OP besucht Helen ihn source Krankenhaus. Am Abgrund Episode 4. Sie und ihr Ehemann Cole Lockhart versuchen gerade go here tragischen Unfalltod ihres Sohnes zu verarbeiten. Am Abgrund. Die Episode "Hohe Wellen" ist die 8. The Affair Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5. anzeigen. Filter. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien · Dramen/Soaps; Episodenguide zu "The Affair". Die Dramaserie "The Affair" zeigt die außereheliche Affäre des Autors Noah und der Kellnerin Alison. Doch die beiden ahnen nicht, welche. Im The Affair Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller 55 Folgen der Drama Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den. Ich habe in den letzten Jahren viele Serien gesehen, aber was hier bei "The Affair" zu erleben ist, ist anders! Am Anfang braucht es etwas Geduld, wenn die​.

The Affair Episodenguide Video

'You Don't Get It' Ep. 1 Official Clip - The Affair - Season 4

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Download as PDF Printable version. Noah is a New York City public school teacher and Williams College alumnus who has had one novel published, has been struggling to write a second, and is constantly berated and belittled by Helen's parents, the Butlers, for not being good enough.

At a stop for lunch at the Montauk diner named "The Lobster Roll" the Solloway's encounter Alison Lockhart, serving as their waitress who assists with their youngest when she begins choking.

Noah is intrigued by Alison, who is upset by the incident, and offers her some restitution for her help, which she refuses.

It is the birthday of Alison's now deceased son, Gabriel, and she is struggling through her day. Later that evening the two meet again by chance on the beach where Alison's extended family is gathered at a bonfire.

Noah walks Alison back to her house where he remembers her as flirtatious, inviting him to join her in the outdoor shower as she undresses, which he declines.

Alison remembers a casual, friendly conversation with an improper advance by Noah, the shower taking place after Noah has left.

When Allison's husband, Cole, arrives back from the bonfire they fight over the differences in which the two are dealing with the death of Gabriel and end up having 'angry' sex on the car in the driveway, with Noah looking on having been drawn back by the shouting.

Throughout the season, the memories of both Noah and Alison are periodically interrupted by a current day interview interrogation with Detective Jeffries Victor Williams investigating a mysterious death.

Jeffrey Reiner. The previous night's activities have Noah worked up, and as the Butler estate readies for the annual summer party, Noah can't escape the allure of the mysterious Alison, whom he remembers as "trouble".

The Solloways become entangled with the Lockhart horse ranch during a trip to the farmer's market for flowers where Noah encounters Alison again selling homemade specialty jams with her sister-in-law.

That evening, Alison is also waiting at the Butler's party and Noah takes the opportunity to pursue her further, getting her away for a private moment and discovering she is married as well.

From Alison's perspective, as the day begins we get a glimpse of some mysterious activity the family is engaged in. Throughout her account, we learn more about the emotional debt owed to her husband's family through introspective reflection.

She works the catering job for the Butlers to be around Noah and when he asks her if she wants to get out of there she goes along with him.

They have a chat on the beach where he shares about his past and love for his wife, along with regrets, and they share a passionate kiss.

A little more is revealed about the mysterious death being investigated at some point in the future through the interviews with Noah and Alison.

As the Solloway family is settling in for the summer Noah begins investigating and researching the history of Montauk, aided by Alison, as background for his book.

The two are drawn further together while attempting to keep things simply friendly. Alison is revealed to be self-harming in response to her overwhelming emotions.

And confrontation among the locals builds as Cole Joshua Jackson takes a stand against development progress proposed by Oscar Darren Goldstein in favor of preserving what makes Montauk special, revealing a storied history between Oscar's family and the Lockharts.

Melanie Marnich. Noah and Alison escape on a day trip to remote Block Island in order to spend time together as Noah continues with research for his novel.

As they tour highlights of the island they share more of themselves in conversation and become ever more intimate with each other.

Noah remembering himself as an innocent, struggling under Alison's advancements, while Alison's memory is more serious and somber with the undertones of grieving and appreciation for Noah's attentive presence.

After Noah receives an emergency call from home they have an argument and part ways, only to run into one another again in a souvenir shop.

The two get a hotel room for the afternoon and take the last step towards being unfaithful, having sex with regrets, and arguing further when Alison is evasive afterwards.

On the ferry back, Alison apologizes and tells Noah she is not the carefree soul he thinks she is, but rather, has a "dark" side which Noah says he is attracted to , and they argue again.

Back on land, as Noah drives Alison home, she tells him about the son she had who drowned two years ago, leaving her struggling with wanting to die.

Their closeness deepens and they make love again that evening at Alison's house. Complications and obstacles abound for Alison and Noah with troublesome family matters, keeping the lovers apart for now, but seeking an escape beyond the love nest they have found in Alison's friend Phoebe's empty house while she is away on extended travel.

Alison's estranged mother, Athena Deirdre O'Connell , has shown up unexpectedly, meddling in the care of Alison's beloved grandmother and the relationship with her in-laws.

And for Noah, it's the coming-of-age struggle of his oldest daughter, Whitney Julia Goldani Telles , between right and wrong social behaviors complicated by the meddling of his in-laws and the disagreement with his wife, Helen, on how to manage it all.

Noah witnesses the exchange and use of drugs between Max and his cab driver, who he later recognizes as having an association with the Lockharts.

Alison is present at the party and introduces herself to the pair, playfully toying with Max while Noah watches her smiling.

After Max leaves the party late in the night the pair spend the rest of the night together in the hotel and in the morning discuss possible future plans.

When Alison leaves in the morning on her bicycle Noah is curious as to where she is heading and follows her to the fishing docks where he observes her picking up a cooler from a boat after which she takes it to the taxi station.

When Noah arrives home at a. Noah asks his daughter Whitney where "one might score some coke" to which she is appalled. When the Solloway family has lunch at "The Lobster Roll" and Max shows up Helen gets a suspicious wind about the previous night's activities.

Noah asks Oscar for help with his book and witnesses an unsettling confrontation between one of the Lockhart brothers and Oscar, deepening his suspicions about Alison's involvement with drug dealing, after which he confronts her back at the ranch.

In Alison's perspective, the activities of the day are in effort to support the ranch and she reveals again to Noah her lack of concern for her own welfare.

Oscar realizes the connection between Alison and Noah and the Lockharts scramble to protect their illicit assets.

Alison tells Noah she wants to start over with him but Noah is now reluctant. Ryan Fleck. Whitney's therapy sessions bring to light "issues" broiling within the family.

For Noah, with the end of summer it is time for the family to return home to Brooklyn, but the kids resist having ingrained themselves in Montauk life over the summer, Martin with the Lockhart ranch and Whitney with her own secretive affairs.

Tensions are running high all around as Oscar threatens blackmail to Noah about his affair with Alison and Helen's parents have their own drama.

Back in Brooklyn, the family begins to settle in to normal life again, and Noah is happy to be home. He seeks help from Max regarding the blackmail and confides to him about an affair in which Noah tells him that "she threw herself at him".

After a medical emergency, Noah also admits to Helen he had a "fling" over the summer, which crushes her. Disappointments are revealed in the anger that follows and the two attempt to repair their relationship, extinguishing the fire in Oscar's threat.

For Alison, as the close of summer shuts Montauk down, the Lockhart family concerns heighten and Cherry, the family matriarch, confronts Alison about her selfishness.

When Cole and his brother confront Oscar about his threat to them, offering peace, he tells them of Alison's betrayal. She escapes to the city, peeks in on Noah's life, and Cole offers her a chance for reconciliation between them.

The current day police investigation deepens the suspicion on Noah. Four months later, Noah and Helen are progressing through therapy and dealing with family life.

Whitney is accused of having an eating disorder when Helen overhears her vomiting in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Alison and Cole's relationship appears to have healed and they have been trying unsuccessfully to have another baby.

Alison's mother, Athena, calls to inform her that her grandmother has had a heart attack. After a difficult and honest discussion at the therapist's, Helen agrees to let Noah prove himself and head to Montauk alone to attend a literary award.

Despite being aware the event is to honour Helen's father Bruce John Doman , Alison is unable to back out of her commitment to work the event, and she meets Noah again.

Bruce surprises Noah by implying that an extramarital relationship can help produce worthwhile writing.

When Alison receives an urgent phone call at the event regarding her grandmother and cannot get transportation, Noah steps in to help her, offering more support after her grandmother dies.

Later, when he drives her home to the ranch, they declare their love for one another as she exits the car. Inside the house, she finds a trunk with her son's keepsakes has been placed in her room and she floods with emotion as she goes through them.

Alison travels to spend time with Noah in the city and they end up at Noah's family home, having sex in Helen and Noah's bed.

Afterwards, when she goes with Noah to look at a small apartment Alison gets angry at Noah's talk of long-term timing and flees back to Montauk.

Noah tidies away evidence of his betrayal, and in the process finds a positive pregnancy test in the kitchen waste basket. Whitney admits the test is hers, and that she has an abortion scheduled for the following day.

Alison has a one night stand with Oscar, after which he tells her that the Lockhart ranch is heavily in debt.

Alison confronts Cherry, insisting she tell her children the truth but she threatens to tell Cole about her affair. Meanwhile, Noah goes to Whitney's appointment in the hope the father of her baby will attend.

When Scott Lockhart appears, Noah attacks him. Alison is thrown into despair and seriously self-harms herself, subsequently relating to a doctor the full story of Gabriel's death.

Afterwards, she considers suicide by drowning in the ocean but is stopped when she thinks she hears Gabe's voice calling to her.

Alison tells Cole about the ranch, and insists that she has to leave Montauk. Noah decides to leave Helen, and during the ensuing argument Helen discovers Alison's underwear in their bedroom.

Noah leaves Brooklyn on the train, calling Alison to tell her he is coming for her. At the train station , Cole catches up with Alison and says he will leave Montauk with her.

Noah interrupts their moment, and Alison boards the train alone. Now living alone, Noah indulges in a string of random sexual encounters and ends up in a disorderly conduct suspension from his teaching job.

While serving his suspension in a New York City Department of Education rubber room , he spends his time wisely and completes the first draft of his book, which is positively received by his editor.

Alison spends time in a spiritual retreat with Athena before returning to Montauk to discuss the future with Cole. He returns to a confrontation with Whitney over her relationship with Scott, for which Helen wants to press charges for statutory rape.

Alison and Cole are called to the Lockhart ranch, where Whitney has arrived to warn the family of Scott's imminent prosecution.

Noah receives contact from Alison informing him of Whitney's whereabouts, and he leaves with Helen to fetch her.

Upon arrival at the Lockhart ranch they are greeted by Alison, and Cherry tries to talk them out of pressing formal charges. Tensions are high between all present and when Scott comes down the stairs as the Solloways are leaving Noah again attacks him.

Cole stops the attack with gunfire, and is eventually talked down by Alison. Helen and Whitney leave, but Noah stays with Alison.

In flashforwards, Jeffries closes the net on Noah and ultimately arrests him for Scott's murder. Season 2 begins with Noah and Helen attempting to conduct amicable divorce proceedings, but complications bring about inescapable conflict.

Meanwhile, surprising developments in Helen's life lead to unexpected emotions. Alison's summer with Noah is interrupted by an unwelcome guest.

Meanwhile, Cole's self-destructive lifestyle causes everyone to become concerned. Noah's love leads to serious consequences; Alison discovers a surprising truth.

Helen makes an innocent mistake that leads to outrageous consequences. Meanwhile, a court order leads to a dire setback for Noah and Alison.

Alison is thrown by an unpleasant shift in behavior from her Hudson Valley hosts and furious with Noah after a chance discovery about his new book.

Meanwhile, Cole rejects Scotty's plan to make money for the family and enjoys an unexpected connection with someone new; and Scotty catches Cole in a situation best kept secret.

David Henry Hwang. A medical emergency with Martin casts Helen and Noah's litigation process in a new light; Helen makes a long-overdue decision; Noah is surprised when Alison wants to stay with her mother at the Sousanna Institute and realizes that the dynamics of their relationship have shifted, which leads to some troublesome discoveries.

Alison's mother raises concerns about Noah and Alison's new lifestyle; Alison confronts Noah about his revealing new book over Thanksgiving dinner; Cole lashes out at Luisa and is further alienated from his family in the wake of startling revelations.

Helen is bewildered by Whitney's future plans; Helen surprises Noah with a difficult admission; Noah faces increased temptations when his fame escalates.

Alison weathers a momentous journey alone; Helen receives unexpected attention from a sexy but exasperating source; Noah faces a terrible reckoning; Cole is pushed to the edge by an array of challenges.

Noah grapples with some essential questions. Meanwhile, Alison begins to doubt a recent ambition, and renewed interactions with the Lockhart brothers force her to consider a harrowing possibility.

Michael Slovis. A series of revelations rattle Noah; Alison makes a momentous decision. Season 2 ends as events set in motion long ago come to their conclusion.

A startling admission causes Noah to withdraw from his new life. Meanwhile, Alison is honest with Noah and herself; a dispute between Cole and Scotty is followed by tragedy; and a turn in Noah's trial results in a shocking event.

It's 3 years later and Noah is now a professor at a university. His father has just died and he is coming to terms with what has happened to him in the past 3 years through a series of flashbacks.

One year earlier: after a stern request from Noah leaves Helen devastated, various pressures cause Helen and Vik to reexamine their relationship.

Alison returns to Montauk after a crisis only to have her worst fears realized. Juliette finds Noah an alluring prospect, but a terrifying event shatters all hope of an easy affair.

Cole finds himself in a difficult situation. Alison looks to reconnect with her daughter. Alison is motivated to spend a day with Noah on Block Island for an unusual reason.

The excursion results in a profound connection, but Noah is left wistful and the problems he was escaping return with shocking force.

Agnieszka Holland. Compelled to return to a place he's spent his life trying to escape, Noah attempts to repair his relationship with Martin.

Helen gives Noah the help he needs, but at what cost? November September bis Liste der The Affair Episoden. Episode 1.

Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Staffel 1. Zwei Leben. Nicht aufwachen! Am Abgrund. Phoebes Haus.

Alles egal. Zurück in Montauk. Ich glaube an die Hölle. Dieser eine Moment. Staffel 2. Staffel 3. Bill falls for a woman to get a job with her foundation.

Jody then gives the stamp back to her because he's more interested in her. The woman doesn't give Bill a job, but they become friends.

Travels With Cissy Episode 7. Cissy and Gregg? Getting married? Not if Bill can help it. He takes the kids to California to get Cissy to change her mind.

She falls for him and, after hearing stories about Steve, Bill tries to stop this new romance by bringing Gregg out to win her back.

Gregg tells Cissy that he wishes her lots of luck with Steve. Steve then proposes to Cissy, and she refuses. It Can't Be Five Years? Episode 6.

The kids celebrate five years of living in the Davis apartment bu throwing a surprise party for Bill, who doesn't make it because of a trip to Washington D.

Emily then reminds him of the day and he goes to the party after all. The Return of Maudie Episode 5. Meet Emily Episode 4. When Mr.

French gets too strict with the kids, Bill decides that he needs to loosen up. Bill hires Emily Turner to help Mr. French hates Emily because of her attitude and decides that the apartment isn't big enough for two domestics.

French then realizes that Emily is a great asset and they decide to work together. Eastward, Ho!

Episode 3. Bill's friend, Eng Ho, is about to enter into an arranged marriage with Ming Lee, who has just arrived in America, and Bill offers her a place to stay until the wedding.

Ming then falls for her escort, which is a bad idea when she is about to be married. Ming decides not to marry, and Ho intends to send her back to Hong Kong.

Bill convinces Ho to let Ming stay in America. Deserted Isle, Manhattan Style Episode 2. Uncle Bill leaves Cissy in charge of babysitting the twins, but she neglects her duties when she accompanies Gregg on a plane trip to Dartmouth.


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