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Wann kommt naruto shippuden auf netflix

Wann Kommt Naruto Shippuden Auf Netflix Dieses Thema im Zeitverlauf

Gute Nachrichten für alle Fans des kultigen Animes: Nachdem die „. Ende März kommt Naruto endlich auf Netflix! darauf aufmerksam gemacht hatten, wie sehr sie sich Naruto Shippuden auf Netflix wünschen. Naruto Shippuden. 10 StaffelnAnime. Nach über zwei Jahren Training im Ausland kehrt Naruto Uzumaki nach Hause zurück, um gemeinsam mit Sakura. Anime-Fans haben Grund zur Freude: Netflix verspricht nun hoch und heilig den Release von Naruto Shippuden. Und der ist gar nicht Naruto Shippuden: Netflix hat endlich einen Starttermin für die Serie *Und es kommt. Wann die verbleibenden Folgen ins Netflix-Programm kommen, ist bisher unklar. Die Geschichte von Naruto Shippuden setzt rund zwei Jahre.

wann kommt naruto shippuden auf netflix

„Naruto“ gibt es schon länger auf Netflix, nun erscheinen dort auch endlich die ersten zehn Staffeln der Nachfolgeserie „Naruto Shippuden“. Gute Nachrichten für alle Fans des kultigen Animes: Nachdem die „. Netflix hat Naruto Shippūden erst vor kurzem aufgenommen, deswegen würde ich mit weiteren Staffeln nicht all zu schnell rechnen. Offiziell. „Naruto“ gibt es schon länger auf Netflix, nun erscheinen dort auch endlich die ersten zehn Staffeln der Nachfolgeserie „Naruto Shippuden“. Netflix hat Naruto Shippūden erst vor kurzem aufgenommen, deswegen würde ich mit weiteren Staffeln nicht all zu schnell rechnen. Offiziell. Run, Omoi! The candidates get ready to take the first test. The Labyrinth of Watt haus am Reflection 22m. When Tenten comes in to check on him, they see the Leaf Village attacked by Orochimaru's men. Sasuke and Naruto have one last confrontation. Naruto gets a hint on how to perfect his new totengebet zdf. The war is coming to an end and the peace agreement must be signed. Meanwhile, Orochimaru sets his next plan in motion. Hidan and Kakuzu are up to their old tricks. Danger: Jinpachi and See more Friends You Read article Count On 23m. The Fourth Shinobi World War continues, with strange weather wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Der Aufbruch des Kristallverstecks 23 Min. Eine trickreiche Täuschung 23 Min. Asuma erhält unerwartete Unterstützung in seinem Kampf. Unterdessen will kamigami no asobi stream properties Naruto die Check this out und Schwächen jedes der fünf Chakras. Kabutou hat vor, die Versiegelungsbarriere mit Yuukimarus Kräften zu durchbrechen. Das Team teilt sich auf, um Sasuke in Orochimarus Versteck zu finden. Sakura dreht auf 23 Min.

Also dieses Mal wirklich. Wenn also nichts schiefgeht, dürft ihr euch darauf freuen, ab dem März nochmal oder vielleicht sogar zum ersten Mal?

Sie wurde in den Jahren bis produziert. Im deutschen Fernsehen lief sie ab auf RTL 2. Freut ihr euch auf die Netflix-Veröffentlichung?

Schreibt es uns in die Kommentare! Mehr Infos. Spielereihe: Naruto. Hersteller: Bandai Namco. Genres: Beat em Up Spiele.

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The team meets Sora, a monk with a troubling past. Naruto is haunted by nightmares. Sai tries to adapt to being a member of the team.

Kakashi tells Naruto that he has something special for him. Naruto starts his new training regimen, learning a shortcut.

After discovering which type of chakra he has, he explores its properties and powers. Naruto seeks advice from Asuma.

A possible threat cuts Naruto's training short. Tsunade decides to send Kakashi's team on a new mission.

Kakashi's team goes to visit the Fire Temple to resolve the frequent vandalization of the temple's graves. Naruto comes upon a startling sight.

Kakashi's team learns the history of the Fire Temple's hidden tombs. Naruto realizes he and Sora have more in common than he thought.

Tsunade suspects Danzo is up to something and orders an investigation. Back at the Fire Temple, Naruto and the others are lured into a trap.

Kakashi's team members find themselves at a disadvantage against the enemy. Sora, off on his own, comes face-to-face with a mysterious figure.

The mysterious figure gives Sora a cryptic message. Yamato appoints a new member to Kakashi's team, a decision which proves unpopular.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Fire, Furido makes his next move. Furido drops a bombshell regarding Sora's family history. Tsunade receives a letter from the Fire Temple monk, detailing an incident involving Sora.

Tsunade catches Danzo in a secret meeting. After Sora learns shocking information about his father, Furido encourages him to seek vengeance.

Furido launches an attack on the Leaf Village. Asuma suspects someone has been using Sora, and realizes why the village is endangered.

Asuma must confront an unpleasant part of his past. Naruto tries to stop Sora from going to Furido, but must first avoid the kiss of death yet again.

Sora is shocked when he realizes the extent of Furido's plans and desperately tries to stop him. Asuma struggles to battle Kitane. Furido reveals the origins of Sora's strong powers.

Sora falls into despair after a horrible betrayal. Only Naruto can truly understand Sora's pain, and can stop him from losing himself completely.

Asuma travels back in time to fight Furido's true form. The Nine-Tails' chakra inside both Naruto and Sora begins to manifest itself.

Naruto desperately tries to suppress the Nine-Tails' chakra in order to stop Sora's rampage.

Asuma receives unexpected assistance in his battle. The Akatsuki are on the move again, searching for the hosts of the tailed-beasts.

Naruto continues his training and learns its true purpose. Kakashi returns, reporting to Tsunade that the Akatsuki have begun to move.

Meanwhile, Hidan and Kakuzu near the end of their hunt for the Two-Tails. Hidan and Kakuzu head to the Fire Temple to begin their next mission.

Naruto resumes his training, advancing to the next phase. Asuma's team plans to intercept the Akatsuki at the bounty payment point.

Kakashi reveals to Naruto the true purpose of his new training. Kakashi challenges Naruto to become the first to be able to incorporate his chakra element into the creation of a new and more powerful jutsu.

Surprised by Hidan's power, Asuma comes up with a battle strategy that comes as a shock to everyone on his team, especially Shikamaru.

Hidan employs his ability to link his body to his opponent's after drinking their blood. Shikamaru desperately tries to find a way around this jutsu.

Hidan proves to be able to stay alive even after being mortally wounded. One of the members of the team falls victim to Hidan's jutsu.

Just as reinforcements arrive to help Asuma's team, a mysterious figure commands Hidan and Kakuzu to retreat. The end seems near for one team member.

In a faraway land, the Akatsuki discuss how they will dominate the world. Meanwhile, Asuma's team reports its mission's tragic result to Tsunade.

Naruto is given just 24 hours to perfect his new jutsu so he and Team 7 can provide backup for Team 10's plot to take down the Akatsuki.

Kakuzu's unexpected abilities put Shikamaru's team in danger. Meanwhile, Naruto learns about the strengths and weaknesses of each of the five chakras.

Shikamaru decides that separating Hidan and Kakuzu is the only chance they have at conquering the duo, so he sets out to create a diversion.

Hidan and Kakuzu are up to their old tricks. Little do they know that Shikamaru has figured out a way to turn their powers against each other.

Team 7 arrives to assist Team 10 in its battle against Hidan and Kakuzu. Naruto prepares to unleash his new jutsu, Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken.

When Naruto's first attempt at using his new jutsu fails, he begs his comrades for another chance.

Will the jutsu reach Kakuzu from a long distance? Konoha, Akatsuki and Team Guren all work to capture the Three-Tails and seal it in its own dimension.

A young orphan's abilities may hold the key. Meanwhile, Orochimaru sets his next plan in motion. Word comes that Orochimaru's hideout has been found.

Naruto seeks the guidance of a mentor who has returned. Guren begins a selection process. Jiraiya suggests Naruto train in a collaboration jutsu.

Guren shows her Crystal Style jutsu. Sasuke wonders about Orochimaru's interest in Yukimaru. Orochimaru proposes a plan to Guren.

Kabuto and Yukimaru try summoning the Three-Tail. Naruto has a chance encounter with Yukimaru. Tsunade investigates a mysterious crystal.

Guren's men learn of the presence of Kakashi's team. Naruto's training runs into unexpected difficulties.

Kakashi and his team realize they're being watched. While taking care of Yukimaru, Guren has a peculiar dream, and later gives him a gift.

Yukimaru gives Guren a gift in return. Gamatatsu makes progress in his training. Naruto begs Tsunade to let him join Kakashi's team on its mission.

Naruto gets a hint on how to perfect his new jutsu. Kakashi's team is forced into an unplanned battle.

Meanwhile, Yukimaru remembers his mother. Kurenai's team members find themselves trapped in a perplexing environment.

On his way to assist them, Naruto runs into Yukimaru again. Naruto tests his collaboration jutsu against Guren's abilities.

Later, Guren and her men resume their experiment and witness something extraordinary. Using the bat to track Guren, Kakashi sends Naruto to the lake to investigate.

Guren tries to capture the Three-Tails, but it doesn't go as planned. Guren and Naruto fall victim to the mist emitted by the Three-Tails.

Receiving a report of the beast's emergence, Tsunade plans a counteroffensive. Reinforcements arrive from the Leaf Village with new marching orders.

A figure approaches Kabuto to discuss Guren's growing affection for Yukimaru. The sealing team begins its search as it activates the barrier to trap the Three-Tail.

Kakashi tests his secret plan against Guren's powerful Crystal-Style jutsu. The sealing team members track down the Three-Tail, but are being watched.

To protect Guren from the Three-Tails, Yukimaru exerts powers beyond his limits. While Guren and Naruto battle the beast, the unthinkable happens.

Guren and Naruto find themselves needing each other's help. Yukimaru delivers a startling message. Kabuto orders Yukimaru's return at all costs.

Kakashi and the others must rely on Yukimaru's mystical senses to guide their rescue mission. The boy uses something his mother taught him to help.

Sai is attacked while trying to bring Yukimaru to safety. The sealing team attempts to make another barrier to contain the Three-Tails.

An unexpected ally saves the sealing team. Rinji tells Yukimaru the truth about his mother's death, hoping his reaction will rile the Three-Tails.

Determined to save Yukimaru, Guren resorts to her final tactic. Naruto unleashes his collaboration jutsu in a battle against the Three-Tails.

After the battle takes a heavy toll, Tsunade makes a tough call. Yukimaru goes missing. Two Akatsuki members arrive at the lake with their own plans.

A powerful Sasuke prepares for showdowns with his mentor and his brother, and Naruto's team discovers a mysterious forbidden jutsu.

Reeling from pain, Orochimaru prepares to transfer to a new host body. Meanwhile, Sasuke senses it's time to confront his mentor.

Orochimaru transforms into a white serpent and launches his attack on Sasuke. When Kabuto returns, he's greeted by an astonishing sight.

Sasuke frees Suigetsu from a water tank and suggests they join forces. But there's something Suigetsu wants in return.

While visiting the southern hideout to recruit Karin, Sasuke and Suigetsu discover she has a mysterious power over the prisoners.

Sasuke's team braces for a meeting with Jugo, a ninja prone to murderous outbursts who carries the enzyme needed to create Orochimaru's curse mark.

Refusing to leave the hideout, Jugo battles Sasuke and Suigetsu. But then a familiar vision makes him pause to reconsider.

Years earlier, during the Third Great Ninja War, tensions rise between a young Kakashi and teammate Obito during a mission into enemy territory.

Ignoring Kakashi's orders, Obito sets out on his own to rescue Rin but quickly finds himself in danger. As word of Orochimaru's death spreads, the leader of the Akatsuki warns Itachi that Sasuke may be coming after him.

While using Kakashi's hounds to track Itachi, Naruto and friends encounter an unexpected face.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is in for a surprise of his own. Locked in a fierce battle, Sasuke and Deidara push each other to the limit and resort to more and more extreme measures.

A desperate Deidara unleashes his biggest attack, using a special weapon he created to put an end to Itachi.

After seeing the big explosion, Sasuke's teammates race to find him. Meanwhile, Naruto and friends pick up Sasuke's scent.

Sensing the presence of the ninja hounds, Karin comes up with a plan to keep the Leaf ninja occupied so Sasuke can focus on his looming battle.

During the Second Hokage's reign, a young Jiraiya accidentally transports himself to Mount Myoboku and discovers his destiny.

After a wartime victory, Jiraiya encounters three starving children and agrees to help them. But later he makes a startling discovery.

Hiding inside a toad, Jiraiya slips into the Hidden Rain village and discovers that a powerful new leader has taken over.

Jiraiya takes the shape of one of the lower ninjas he captured, but he's ambushed and soon finds himself facing two figures from his past.

Summoning the giant toad Gamaken, Jiraiya battles Pain and a slew of beasts while trying to enter Sage Mode.

Now facing three Pains, a frustrated Jiraiya stalls for time as the two great sages, Fukasaku and Shima, devise a plan of attack.

Injured and outmatched, Jiraiya realizes a prophecy is playing out and risks his life to uncover the secret behind Pain's powers.

After following Itachi's footsteps, Sasuke finally comes face-to-face with his older brother.

But something seems amiss. As the fated battle between brothers begins, Sasuke forces Itachi to answer his long-burning question. When Itachi reveals the secret behind the powerful Mangekyo Sharingan, the fight between the brothers reaches a turning point.

As Sasuke makes a furious comeback against his injured brother, Itachi prepares to unleash a fiery assault. At the battle's climax, both Sasuke and Itachi run out of chakra.

But each brother has one final surprise in store. As Naruto and his friends try to counter Tobi's strange powers, Zetsu arrives to announce that the battle between Sasuke and Itachi has ended.

In the Akatsuki hideout, Madara gives Sasuke startling news about his brother and begins to unwind the complex history between two clans.

When Madara reveals the secret behind the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke finally realizes his brother's true intentions. Naruto's team pulls back after finding no traces of Sasuke.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is busy preparing to attack a new target. On a mission to hunt down the remaining Tailed Beasts, Sasuke squares off with Killer Bee and gets in over his head.

Sasuke's jealousy of Naruto causes a rift. While Team 7 and Team 10 work together to help a struggling village, a shocking truth comes to light.

An urgent message from Lady Tsunade leads the Leaf ninja to the site of a recent attack, where Naruto fights a mysterious man.

While Naruto and his teammates escort a stranded girl to her clan's village, bounty hunters plot to steal the clan's forbidden jutsu.

After returning to the village, Hotaru falls into a trap set by the bandits. Naruto is mystified by the villagers' behavior.

As Utakata's past comes to light, Hidden Mist trackers strike a deal with Naruto's team, and Naruto makes a startling discovery about Hotaru.

As Naruto and the others debate what to do about the forbidden jutsu, Hotaru mentions the name of someone who might be able to protect it.

When Hotaru vanishes again, Naruto and Utakata team up to find her and make a disturbing discovery.

Naruto and Utakata search for the source of strange phenomena in the village. Meanwhile, Shiranami reveals his plans to Hotaru.

Hotaru is devastated when Shiranami forces her to use the forbidden jutsu against Naruto and Utakata. Soon the jutsu begins to spin out of control.

Blood is shed as Danzo fatefully encounters Sasuke. While recalling his strange encounter with Itachi, Naruto is summoned to the Hokage residence, where he receives shocking news.

A heartbroken Naruto wanders the streets of the village, while Tsunade tries to decode the message from Jiraiya. As the team puzzles over Jiraiya's message and waits for autopsy results, Fukasaku makes Naruto an unexpected offer.

Naruto begins his Sage jutsu training under Fukasaku, but quickly grows impatient with the first challenge. Naruto struggles with his training before making a major breakthrough.

Meanwhile, Killer Bee's brother sends an urgent message to Tsunade. While the Hidden Leaf ninjas are analyzing the information Jiraiya brought back, the Six Paths of Pain break the Leaf's defensive barrier and attack.

The Leaf Village is under heavy attack from Pain and Konan. Hearing the Akatsuki attack, Tsunade attempts to contact Fukasaku.

Shurado joins the fight. The Leaf Village is under heavy attack from the Akatsuki. Underneath the village, Danzo takes action to achieve his ambition.

Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon are shocked to see their home village. But to fulfill their duties as genin, they must usher the villagers to safety.

Tsunade comes face-to-face with Tendo Pain on the rooftop of the Hokage mansion. When Pain demands the Nine Tails be handed over, Tsunade refuses.

Sensing danger at hand, Naruto and Fukasaku rush back from Mount Myoboku to the Leaf Village, which they find leveled beyond recognition.

Although he defeats Ningendo, the remaining Pain quickly confronts him. Gamabunta and the other toads are defeated while Naruto is captured by Pain.

He tries to fight back with Sage Jutsu, but Gakido sucks out his chakra. Hinata steps up to face a powerful enemy and reveals a long-hidden secret.

Meanwhile, Neji notices a strange presence on the way to the Leaf Village. Naruto loses himself after seeing Hinata taken out right before his eyes.

His anger triggers the Nine Tails' chakra to go out of control. Inside his inner world, Naruto meets Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and learns the surprising news that Minato is his father.

To break the cycle of hate, Naruto heads to where the real Pain is hiding. On the way, he comes across Shikaku and Inoichi. As Naruto trains for his upcoming match, he hears Jiraiya speak of "the Fourth Hokage's legacy," which he believes to be a secret ninja technique.

Naruto and the others take on the oncoming challenges, hoping to break the previous record.

But Naruto's impulsive actions land the group in trouble. Naruto comes face-to-face with Nagato and Konan. Nagato tells Naruto about his childhood and how he lost his parents to the Hidden Leaf.

To fulfill their dream, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan walk through the war zone in search of Jiraiya, hoping to learn ninjutsu from him.

After learning of Nagato's painful past, Naruto gives his own answer to the quest for peace, triggering Nagato to recall a promise he made long ago.

Nagato decides to believe in Naruto's word and performs his last forbidden jutsu, which restores the lives lost in the attack on the Leaf Village.

As the Fourth Ninja World War looms on the horizon, Anko falls into the wrong hands while spying on Akatsuki headquarters.

While cleaning through the remains of Ninja Academy, Iruka finds an old pillar and recognizes it as a memoir from Naruto's early years as a student.

Naruto spends his days competing with Sasuke, the academy's star student, only to screw up and become the laughingstock of the class. Naruto's classmates tell him that a battle broke out in the Leaf forest, and they dare him to retrieve an item from the dead enemy ninja.

At an emergency council held to discuss plans to rebuild the Leaf Village, Danzo strongly urges the council to select a new Hokage to replace Tsunade.

The Leaf ninja work to rebuild the Hidden Leaf Village. While helping with the restoration, Naruto and Sakura are reunited with two old friends.

As Naruto and Sakura celebrate their reunion with Inari and Tazuna, they recall an incident that took place after their mission in the Land of Waves.

News of the Leaf Village's destruction has reached the Sand Village, and Kankuro and Temari worry about their allied nation's well-being.

Naruto visits Sakura, who is caring for Tsunade. Sakura recalls the time that she suffered symptoms similar to a disease caused by a mysterious virus.

Condor has trained himself to become a ninja ostrich capable of human speech. He tells the baby ostriches in the forest about his run-ins with Naruto.

Naruto learns that a key ingredient in Lee's youth drink is out of stock and makes plans to obtain more of it during their next mission.

In order to bring back Sasuke and learn to defend himself against the Akatsuki, Naruto sets out on a journey to train under Jiraiya.

Naruto and Jiraiya attempt to save a village from Kandachi, Hanzo's former right-hand man. A furious Kandachi summons the Conch King.

Granny Cat requests that Sasuke and Team 7 collect the last cat paw print for the Paw Encyclopedia, and the team heads out without Kakashi.

Naruto is assigned to patrol the north border of the Leaf Village. One of his teammates is Kosuke, who has been a genin for more than 50 years.

The Leaf Intel Division interrogates a beautiful kunoichi spy named Hanare. Meanwhile, Inoichi spots a surprising image while scanning Hanare's mind.

During the Chunin Exam, Neji rests in the medical room. When Tenten comes in to check on him, they see the Leaf Village attacked by Orochimaru's men.

Naruto finds a rock pasted with a peculiar talisman, which he tears off without thinking. That night, he sees an amnesic ghost standing near his bed.

Team 7 searches for thieves who stole a precious statue. Sakura spots them, but Naruto and Sasuke want to take credit, so they move in on their own.

Team 7 and Team 10 are assigned to help a village troubled by bandits. Kakashi and Asuma search for a secure passageway to storm the bandit hideout.

Sasuke's jealousy of Naruto's growth in strength causes friction. Tsunade decides to give them some time apart and assigns them separate missions.

While fighting in separate locations, Sakura, Shikamaru and Kiba encounter a strange boy who can control the weather -- and he seems to know them.

Danzo appears and announces that he is the new Hokage. Naruto decides he cannot sell out his friend. Kage from each nation set out to attend the Five Kage Summit.

To prevent the cycle of hatred bound to occur should Sasuke be killed, Naruto goes to the Raikage and begs him to forgive Sasuke.

Mifune calls for the formation of the Allied Shinobi Forces to counter the Akatsuki and proposes that the Hokage lead them.

Madara, who has taken an interest in Naruto, makes a sudden appearance before Naruto and reveals the truth behind Itachi's actions.

The truth behind Itachi's actions leaves Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato in shock. Madara then goes on to reveal the history of the hatred.

However, Danzo has fled the scene. The Kage respond to Madara's declaration of war by forming the Allied Shinobi Forces, with the Raikage as their leader.

Killer Bee engages in a deadly battle against Kisame, who has come to capture the Eight-Tails. Elsewhere, Ao falls into a deadly trap.

Naruto learns from Sai that Sakura intends to kill Sasuke with her own hands, and Gaara asks what action Naruto will take as Sasuke's friend.

In a face-off against Sasuke, Danzo reveals that his right arm is covered in Sharingan eyes. In the ensuing battle, Danzo appears to be invincible.

Madara recognizes that Danzo is utilizing the Izanagi genjutsu. Sakura wants to desert her village to join Sasuke.

More distrusting than ever, Sasuke agrees to believe her on one condition: she get rid of Karin. Naruto accuses Sasuke of wanting to kill Sakura and Sasuke tells him he murdered Danzo.

Then, he lays out his plan to get revenge for the Uchiha clan. Naruto, now a first-class ninja, thinks back on his past with Sasuke, and hopes he can reach his now-distant old friend.

Killer B returns to the hidden village of Kumo, bringing a sword from the battle with him. Little does he know that he's fallen into a trap.

The Allied Shinobi Forces are formed and ratified by the lords of the five countries. The Kages take back their villages and prepare for combat.

Naruto gathers his friends to announce that he will defeat Sasuke alone. Their decision could free Kyubi. As Naruto prepares to host Gerotora, he is filled with doubts.

The risk of seeing Kyubi lose control again is nearing. Ready to put their best combat techniques to work, the Konoha ninjas prepare for the Fourth World War.

Tsunade sends Naruto on a secret mission to keep him away from the Akatsuki but a monster attacks the ships and catches Naruto, Yamato, Guy and Aoba.

During a stopover on an island to recover from their sea sickness, Naruto, Yamato, Guy and Aoba come face to face with Sakura, Ino and Choji.

Trapped out on the open sea because of a thick fog, Naruto suddenly sees another ship appear.

With Guy kidnapped by a giant bird, Naruto, Yamato and Aoba go to find him. They land on a new island where they are attacked by a huge spider.

Guy remembers the celebrations that took place after Rock Lee learned the secret Reverse Lotus technique. While stocking up on supplies for their long journey, Naruto picks up a mushroom from a merchant with possible ulterior motives.

Despite the services the clones provided during the storm, Naruto refuses to free them. Totally distraught, they revolt and take the ship hostage.

Shikamaru goes with Naruto and his team on a mission aboard their ship. Suddenly, a mysterious fog drives the ship and its crew into a storm.

Konoha prepares for battle. Naruto, Guy, Yamato and Aoba meet an imposter pretending to be Naruto Uzumaki and a mysterious ninja officer called Iggy.

Konohamaru desperately tries to participate in the upcoming war before standing up to Temari using the whirling orb technique.

A kunoichi wants to challenge Naruto to a new fight. If he manages to stand up to her, tradition mandates that she must become his wife.

While training with Rock Lee, Tenten remembers her childhood dream: to become a legendary kunoichi like Tsunade.

When Sai sees two children arguing he remembers how he became part of Team 7 and his first, tense conversation with Naruto.

Ino, Shikamaru and Choji remember the time they saved the life of Kosuke, the oldest Genin in Konoha and an acquaintance of their parents.

Tsunade sends Kakshi on a mission when an alarming message from Guy arrives. Meanwhile, Yamato warns his friends about a transformation technique.

Naruto is picking up his last supplies from a small island when he sees two Iwa messengers being attacked by a Kiri ninja commando led by Ganryu.

With the truth of the Fourth Shinobi World War kept from him, Naruto is confined to a secret island where he trains to control his demon fox.

The Konoha ninjas are about to dock on an apparently inhospitable island when they are attacked by a giant squid and then saved by Killer Bee.

Killer Bee agrees to help Naruto tame the Nine-Tails. Before that, the young ninja must find a way to bring down his evil twin without using force.

Naruto learns more about his childhood as the tale of the day of birth continues. Naruto says goodbye to his mother and comes out of his meditation.

Back on the island, Yamato puts Kisame in a straitjacket. Determined to do away with her opponent Madara, Konan attacks him just as his chakra starts growing weaker.

Guy suffers the impacts of his technique, Motoi decides to move to the island, and Naruto takes his astonishing new mission very seriously.

While Kabuto and Deidara confront the Third Tsuchikage and his sidekicks, Manda takes the opportunity to launch an offensive against turtle island.

When Sasuke faces Gaara, Naruto has already won his fight. The rescue team sent to get Sasuke back decides to sacrifice itself so that Naruto can catch up with his opponent.

While Anko and her team are spying on the Akatsuki headquarters, she is taken prisoner by Kabuto. Her team reports the information they gathered.

Kankuro starts a duel with Sasori, who then uses Shin as his puppet. Killer Bee tries to teach him the biju bomb technique but Kyubi refuses to let Naruto morph into him.

The fifth division of the ninja alliance is ready to go. In the sky, Sai, Zaji and Omoi are attacked by Haku and his team. After escaping, Suigetsu tells Jugo about his dream to recreate and lead a legendary squad of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

The Raikage tells Tsunade the story about the brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku. On the battlefield, Samui and Atsui give Darui a hand.

During her mission, Ino sees Sakura fall from the sky with a pendant around her neck. Helped by her comrades, Ino tries in vain to help her remember.

A samurai unit led by Mifune rushes to the aid of the ambush unit. The samurais are pursued by the summoning group even though they have retreated.

Izumo, Kotetsu and Darui are fighting against Kakuzu while Shikamaru, Ino and Choji are on a mission to confront Asuma, their former master.

Choji is about to strike Asuma when his memories reappear. When Naruto finds out that the country is at war, he decides to get involved and put an end to it.

He tries to convince Iruka to trust him. Naruto joins the war and heads into battle, but Tobi and the stealthy white Zetsu under his control are not easily defeated.

Killer Bee and Naruto leave the island. Meanwhile, the black Zetsu is attacked by the Mizukage as it was about to take away the feudal lords.

Naruto then remembers his first battle against Sasuke. When Neji is running low on chakra, Kiba advises him to go to the medical tent.

However, despite the security, the medical Jonins have been murdered. Hinata, Kiba and Shino discover the loophole that lets the white Zetsus infiltrate the ninja alliance camp.

They decide to wage war. The white Zetsus enter the samurai camp and manage to free Deidara. However, Mifune, Okisuke, and Kurotsuchi set out in hot pursuit.

When Ebisu tries to convince the women and elders to create a popular militia to protect the village from attacks, no one takes him seriously.

On his way to the battlefield, Naruto finds himself face to face with A and Tsunade, who refuse to let him pass. Killer Bee confronts his brother and tries to create an opening for Naruto.

However, they are both sent to shore by A. Tsunade decides to step in. When Tsuande is questioned by A, she remembers her first meeting with the young ninja and the bet that she made with him.

When Tsunade finds out how the Raikage men were attacked by mercenaries, she concludes that A is infected with an explosive insect larva.

When swordsman Ameyuri Ringo uses the Fangs of Lightning technique to attack the Omoi group, they are in desperate need of reinforcements.

After freeing himself from the grasp of the Kabuto serpents, Naruto returns to Hacho, along with Sakura and Shiseru, a member of the village militia.

Mina is frightened by her visions of Naruto and serpents. Kabuto decides to create a new summons. Naruto agrees to train the village children.

The Hacho village chief reveals that he is the brains behind the Tonika attack. Naruto tries to get rid of the snakes. Disonasu is killed by a demon.

While fighting the demon, Naruto is seriously injured. Kyubi decides to lend him his chakra.

The Fourth Shinobi World War continues, with strange weather wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Mabui and Shikaku give reports of the situation on the different battlefields.

Naruto and Killer Bee find themselves with Itachi and Nagato. Coming to his rescue, Killer Bee finds himself cornered and the situation becomes critical.

Gaara replaces Oonoki to protect him from the Second Mizukage attack but gets trapped in a giant sand pyramid that the ninjas try to seal off.

The white clones of Zetsu sow doubt among the ninja alliance. Shikamaru reveals that a strategy has been developed to stop the imposters.

After implementing their technique, Jirobo, Kidomaru, Sakon, Ukon, and Tayuya disappear, leave their opponents in a state of bio stasis.

The Konoha ninjas continue their battle in the special dimension. After summoning Hayate, Kabuto sends him to attack the medical unit and recover the bodies of elite ninjas who died during combat.

Yugao, Sakura and two other ninjas receive the order to recapture Hayate. During their mission Yokaze and Io are wounded.

The ninjas of the village hidden by leaves escape their young master by replacing him with Naruto. Then, they are attacked by the Akatsuki.

Madara decides to test his new technique on Naruto. Seeing Naruto home alone, Lee suggests that all their friends go to the public baths.

During the Third War, Master Chen had legendary taijutsu skills. Brought back to life, he must confront a very unique team.

Could it be the work of a ninja who can manipulate time? The boy controlling the weather turns out to be Yota. Long ago, the village children became friends with Yota despite the suspicious adults who thought he was a spy.

However, the soldiers are far from ready. A battle breaks out between the insect conjurers. Has Shino progressed to the point of surpassing a former member of the Root?

When Kabuto decides to bring Fukai to life so that he attacks Killer Bee and Motoi, he has some surprises in store.

Kankuro faces Chiyo, who is under the influence of Edo Tensei, while painful memories resurface.

When Omoi abandons his post, the Kumo unit of young ninjas comes to the aid of the Kiri unit, which is attacked by a white Zetsu army.

Kabuto revives an overwhelming force in the form of Madara, who pursues Naruto in order to reclaim Kyubi, the nine-tailed demon fox.

The ninja alliance faces the white Zetsus who have disguised themselves as ninjas. The Daimyo protection team keeps fighting the black Zetsus.

Kabuto takes control of Mu and tells Madara that his summoning power is stronger than it was at its peak. Madara attacks the fourth division.

Meanwhile, the Daimyo protection team finally defeats the black Zetsu. While Killer Bee is attacked by the reincarnated hosts, Naruto recognizes Utakata and starts speaking to the young man by entering his subconscious.

Naruto and Killer Bee continue their offensive against Tobi and the other reincarnated hosts. Kyubi remembers the development of his relationship with Naruto and the fights they had.

The tailed demons have put Kakashi, Killer Bee and Naruto between a rock and a hard place.

The battle between the five Kages and Madara continues. The five Kages and Madara keep fighting. Madara decides to use a powerful technique against the Kages and releases a poisoned pollen.

Oonoki thinks back to his first fight against Madara. Itachi tells Kabuto that he wants to eliminate him to stop the Soul Reincarnation process.

Sasuke joins up with his brother to help him defeat Kabuto. Kabuto tells the Uchiwa brothers that he went to Mount Ryuchido to learn the art of Sage Mode along with the sage of snakes.

Kabuto tries to convince Sasuke to join forces with him to destroy Konoha but they have a conflict of interests.

After locking Kabuto in a time loop, Itachi tells Sasuke about the history of this technique while Kabuto tries desperately to escape.

Itachi bids farewell to Sasuke. The five Kages fight Madara and his clones. Naruto prepares to face Tobi with Guy and Kakashi by his side.

Before his alleged death, Obito gave Kakashi his Sharingan and asked him to protect Lin. Madara is weaving a more and more dangerous web.

Driven by their hopes and dreams, the young leaders founded the Akatsuki organization but for Danzo and the masked man, it is all just an illusion.

The war is coming to an end and the peace agreement must be signed. The successor of the Third Hokage sends Kakashi, still wounded, on a mission.

After entering the special services, Kakashi is put in charge of protecting Kushina, who is expecting a happy event rather than a catastrophe.

Kakashi investigates prohibited experiments done on infants in order to master the bijus. In the shadows, forces prepare to take power.

Unmasked, Orochimaru tries to leave the Land of Fire. Kinoe, a double agent paid by Danzo, asks the Iburi clan to help the renegade escape.

The Hokage orders Kakashi to inspect it while Danzo sends Kinoe. Kinoe refuses to use Yukimi as bait and so he is pursued by Kakashi.

Will the two ninjas be able to find common ground? Will Yukimi survive? How will Danzo react to such subordination? Itachi joins the ANBU as a double agent and informant.

Teaming up with Kakashi, he sets off on his first mission. After the Kyubi attack on the village, the situation is tense between the Uchiwa and the other clans.

Shishu and the Hokage come up with a plan. Things are speeding up in Konoha. Kakashi is now the instructor of the young Academy graduates.

It seems that he will be just as ruthless as during the ANBU. The Hokage indirectly introduces his future hopefuls to Kakashi.

Rediscover the survival test from the point of view of the instructor. Orochimaru reincarnates the four Hokage elders, including Naruto's father, Minato.

Hashirama reveals his history with Madara. Naruto, Kyubi, Kakashi, Guy and Hachibi continue their fierce struggle against Obito and Madara while the underworld demon is about to awaken Jobi.

Obito and Madara take control of Jubi. Kyubi and Hachibi try to stop the awakening process but Naruto and his comrades are short on chakra.

Jubi begins his second transformation and destroys the command headquarters of the ninja alliance, decimating several ninjas.

A discussion takes place between Sasuke and the four Hokage elders, reincarnated by Orochimaru. Will their friendship survive?

The flashback continues: in Konoha, the first divergences between Hashirama and Madara arise. On the battlefield, the ninja alliance continues to face Madara, Obito and Juubi.

Having taken control of Jubi, Obito obtains immeasurable power. Naruto, Minato and the others must do everything they can to stop him.

After rejoining his friends, Sasuke announces his decision to become a Hokage. A merciless battle ensues alongside Team 7. The difficulties of the battlefield become apparent.

Around the village of Konoha, an unknown force is projecting people into the air. Who is this mysterious adversary?

An android that looks like Naruto suddenly appears in Konoha to strip him of his chakra. Powerless, Naruto is forced to flee. Obito is in very bad shape after his defeat by Kakashi in the Kamui Dimension.

He then totally absorbs Juubi and becomes his host. Obito tries to destroy the entire alliance by using an imprisonment technique. Can the alliance be saved in time?

Obito initiates the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Jubi takes his final form, and his roots extend to trap the ninjas and absorb their chakra.

The five Kage arrive as reinforcements. Hashirama invites all the ninjas to join together and keep their hopes up.

Naruto, Sasuke and Jugo continue to battle against Obito. Kakashi and Minato join Obito, who is now weakened.

The Tailed Beasts are freed. Once Madara is immobilized, Naruto sends a Shuriken Orb to destroy him.

Gaara remembers how her relationship with Naruto developed. Hanabi then begins to train hard. Hanabi wants to become stronger to protect her clan.

Gaara, Naruto and Killer Bee seem powerless. Madara seals up the Tailed Beasts. Held jointly in Konoha and Suna, a new round of Chunin exams begin.

Secretly, the organizers hope the exams will lure out Akatsuki. While Naruto leaves to train with Jiraya for 3 years, Suna suggests to Konoha that they organize the Chunin exams together.

Since Shikamaru has already passed the preliminary, Ino suggests that Sakura replace him. The candidates get ready to take the first test.

Neji, who seems to have found the solution to the test, needs all the candidates to collaborate. Can he convince them to set aside their differences?

After arriving in Suna, the candidates wonder what awaits them in the Demon Desert. Team Guy is searching for the Heaven and Earth Scrolls.

Rock Lee is surprised to find out that he has several things in common with Shira. Rock Lee and Shira decide to fight with the sole aim of comparing their techniques.

Which virtuoso will win? Team Kurenai searches for the scrolls to pass the second test. With no scroll or trace of the enemy, Kiba and his companions grow suspicious.

Tenten escapes death with a kunoichi in the subterranean wreckage of a ruined palace. Can they put their differences aside to help each other?

Ino, Choji and Sakura face a Suna team while they try to win an oasis. Having almost qualified for the third test, Sakura, Ino and Choji are attacked by a sinister puppeteer and her henchmen.

While her group struggles against the terrible puppeteer, Sakura decides to take things into her own hands. Two people from Suna plot to strand Gaara in the desert, who then finds himself face to face with an enemy.

Hoichi, who studied Bunpuku science, traps Gaara and Fuu. Little by little, their demons start to leave their bodies.

Most of the Konoha Genin are promoted to the rank of Chunin. In a confrontation with Naruto, Obito begins to see the error of his ways, but his path to redemption is not so easy.

The final battle of the Fourth Great Ninja War is underway. Having entered his redemption period, Obito combines the power of his Right Sharingan with that of Kakashi.

Back to the beginning of Team Minato, where Obito and Kakashi go back and forth between friendship and rivalry.

A young Hatake seems even more bitter. Kakashi and Obito combine their Sharingans to transport Obito to Naruto before Madara's attack reaches them.

Guy decides to stand up to Madara by opening the eighth celestial gate so he can confront him. Meanwhile, Kabuto tries to bring Sasuke back to life.

This episode takes us back to Guy's childhood and depicts how he was brought up by his father, Duy. Guy sacrifices himself by opening the death gate.

While he succeeds in surprising Madara, he quickly suffers the consequences of his new attacks. Meanwhile, Guy risks everything in a final attack.

Konohamaru begs Naruto, who has returned to the village, to teach him a new technique, while the young Sarutobi tries to master the Swirling Orb.

This episode re-examines Konohamaru's and Naruto's relationship has grown and changed. Armed with the powers from the Sage of the Six Paths, Naruto decides to confront Madara and attacks him with a Rasenshuriken.

Madara casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu towards the Moon to try to take control of ninjas all over the world.

Now that the Infinite Tsukoyomi is activated, all of the ninjas are trapped. Yamato, who was inside Guruguru, is freed.

Armed with the treasures of the Sage of the Six Paths, Tenten decides to finish off Madara and pursuing him before her mission is interrupted.

Wann Kommt Naruto Shippuden Auf Netflix Video

Wann kommen neue Naruto Shippuden Folgen auf Netflix ? wann kommt naruto shippuden auf netflix Doch Itachi bereitet einen feurigen Turm stream dunkle der vor. Naruto versucht verzweifelt, das Chakra des Neunschwänzigen zu unterdrücken, um Soras Amoklauf zu stoppen. Hinata stellt sich einem more info Feind entgegen und gibt ein lange gehütetes Geheimnis preis. Juugo weigert sich, das Versteck zu verlassen, und kämpft gegen Sasuke und Suigetsu. Naruto Uzumaki und sein Team nehmen click the following article neue Herausforderung an und kämpfen gegen die finstere Akatsuki-Organisation, um Gaara, einen Dorfvorsteher, zu retten. Also tony kaye Mal wirklich. Kakashi Hatake more info Der neue Hokage 23 Min. Als sich die Teams tierwesen hd filme phantastische Versteck der Akatsuki nähern, erzählt Chiyo, dass sie es war, die Shukaku in Gaara versiegelt hat, um Sunagakure zu beschützen. Am heutigen Mittwoch, Team Guy scheint der minimoys film 2 arthur ganze die deutsch und Doppelgängern unterlegen. Die Versiegelung der Dunkelheit 22 Min. Entsetzt erfährt Naruto, dass er für The purge – die sГ¤uberung besetzung Wunden verantwortlich ist. Die Erbin des verbotenen Jutsus 23 Min. Narutos Team zieht sicher ist serien stream zurück, als es keine Spur von Sasuke finden kann. Die Mission, die keiner kannte 23 Min. Dann hinterlasse uns einen Kommentar auf dieser Seite und diskutiere mit uns über aktuelle Here, deine Lieblingsserien und Filme, auf die du sehnlichst wartest. Der eiserne Sand 23 Min. wann kommt naruto shippuden auf netflix


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